Monday, February 28, 2005


dammit!! this week is one wretched week.. one whole week of cramming for school and what-nots in my whole personal life.. i’ve been praying like crazy… i don’t think that this week’s gonna be different either… twas a good thing was able to spend time with some gal pals over the weekend.. attended lady’s bachelorette party at the linden suites.. pigged out and had some much needed girl talk.. thanks donna for letting me hitch a ride with you.. =)

tomorrow, (march 01, 2005), i have to attend an oral argument at the Supreme Court.. it’s not mandatory but i reckon it would help me with my oral arguments come the third week of march.. have to write a brief on that too.. on the same day, i’ve got a paper due on MY proposed ammendments to the Omnibus Election Code.. and i have to submit that freaking article that i’m supposed to have encoded by now to dennis dela torre for the law journal..

on wednesday, i have to attend the much anticipated lady-lowell wedding.. am i excited?? not for myself but for lady.. she’s been waiting for this day for the last couple of years.. i’m really happy for her.. got a bus org quiz scheduled for thursday.. really need to prepare.. we all know how ink consuming her quizzes are.. not to mention that she says it’s for an hour and a half when it’s actually for three..

got 2 briefs due on thusday for atty. lat and i haven’t done squat!!

friday i have to cramm my sorry ass again for my saturday classes and i have to prepare a report on involuntary insolvenct proceedings for atty. diaz’s 1 million unit class.. it was a good thing that nobody really wanted to volunteer.. i could use the extra grade though super attorney doesn’t think so.. was sure he wanted to disqualify me again but then again nobody else volunteered.. thank my lucky stars!!

saturday is my most anticipated day!! got a report for credit transactions, study for corporate rehabilitation and study for a killer quiz for transpo.. can’t believe hernando gave us 5 chapters to study for a 15 minute quiz.. though i don’t really think he’d be able to cram a quiz and recitations in 2 hours.. he’s always late for class — that is if he decides to hold class!!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

school gripes..

Attending class is becoming taxing. Final exams are just around the corner and everyone’s in a vacationing mood already. Today’s Thursday, which means that i have Bus. Org 1 with Atty. Mercader. I hate to say this but, her class is a drag. It’s bad enough that Partnership is a boring subject with inetrlocutory provisions, my classmates and I have to put up with her pa! If you happen to read this ma’am, pls don’t take it the wrong way. She makes us read all those loong provisions and asks us to translate!! Yes, in Filipino! i’m sure it will redound to our benefit. You know how it is though — you don’t realize how important something is until the need for that particular thing has arisen. Oh well. I’m sure she’s doing it for us. She gets A for effort though. Atleast she’s making sure that we understand the topic.

Wish I could go home right after class let’s out. Unfortunately, I’ve been told that we’re going to have a meeting for the Law Review at 9 pm! God knows how long the stupid thing will take!! AAARRGGGGHHH!!

The only consolation I have to get me through this week is that tommorrow (Feb 25) is a holiday.. YIPPEEE!!! i live for the days when I don’t have school. Sad thing is that, on Saturday, we’ll be having Credit transactions at 9am with the super lecturer Atty. Anel Diaz. I have to commend him. He’s never missed a single day of class this term and he has managed to hold classes from 9am – 1pm (without breaks!!) when it’s supposed to be from 10am-1pm only. So into teaching. Can’t really blame him. I guess he just loves our class so much that he anticipates Saturday mornings with us. I love attending his class. His wit entertains me. Sadly, he doesn’t really call on me for recitation anymore. A handful of us has already been segregated from the rest of the class because apparently, we don’t need to recite anymore. He just calls on the lucky few when he’s frustrated that others can’t answer his question or when he wants to make sure that none of us is getting lax.

Guess that’s it for now. Cheerio!

i’m back in the mainstream! =)

it’s been one hell of a toxic week… i’m glad i finally had time to kick back… BUNKED SCHOOL TODAY!!! spent the day in the best company… maybe "best" isn’t the word but it was the right click to see the flick we did… anyhow, had a blast today… went to greenhills and saw "meet the fockers"… went with seph apsay (the distuinguished gentleman from the south who happens to be the most jologs person i know who hails from ayala alabang), jr mercado and jay foz…

one minute i was waiting for a parking spot in school, blinkers and all, and the next minute found myself traversing along ortigas avenue… sigh… didn’t eben get a chance to find out what the assigned reading was for this particular day… jay does have a knack for asking me out at the worst possible time.. usually it’s when i’m already settled in the library and just about to dig into the juciest legal provisions… one time he even packed up my stuff for me just coz he didn’t feel like studying… speaking of which, gotta get some stuying done myself.. got nego tomorrow….


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