beda posse..

The bitchiest, most arrogant, stuck up, argumentative, yet ironically the kindest, smartest, and extremely fun friends i could ever have.. we’ve all been stuck like glue.. we all have our moments and each have qualities that leaves much to be desired but then again, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

THE GIMMICK MAINSTAYS — always a text away on saturdays.. ready to zoom off to oysterboy, off the grill, whoever’s home is hosting the beer bash, wherever the posse is.. hmm.. i don’t think i’ve ever been absent to a 1L drinking binge..

LAI DUMAMA: my partner in crime.. one of the kindest person i know.. the mother hen.. she dotes on us as if we are her own.. generous with praise but it doesn’t mean that we go unreprimanded.. i myself have had my own fair share.. been with this girl with the many downs and even more ups in my life.. my scapegoat.. always ready to bail me out whenever i get in trouble with the exes and even with the present.. she could very well burn in hell for all the lies she’s told to get my sorry ass out of trouble.. gives the best advice in life, love and war.. you could ask her about any legal question and she’d have an answer off the top of her head *in a snap* — textbook, opinion, theory or otherwise.. that’s how smart she is.. she’s got my back and i’ve got hers.. the sister i never had..

MAE NERY: this girl is almost as unlucky as i am when it comes to love.. i’m beginning to think if we should just both form our own club.. we’re both vindictive and scheming.. she’s my official pimp!! she can set up a date for me in a snap.. *ma, remember that time we played bowling with "what’s-his-name-what’s-his-face"?? thought i wouldn’t feel so low as i did that time.. turned out i still would — rc asked me back that evening and he took us to don hen for dinner*.. anyway, the bowling thing didn’t turn out so bad for her though, she ended up with bj, and lai ended up with us coz she wasn’t really looking to hook up with anyone.. she’s the official tanggera.. watch out though she just tagays the drink for everyone else except herself.. she’s the only one who’s sober when everybody else is zonked out.. definitely no fun since there’s nobody else to laugh with at everyone making fools of themselves..

JR MERCADO: my pseudo-brother.. hehehe.. the ultimate dude.. the yosi buddy who is now a non-smoker.. i wonder how long he’ll be able to keep that up.. was so shocked when i found out that there was a rumor going around law school that we’re siblings.. must be coz we’re both tubs.. just like lai, he has stuck with me through thick and thin.. we were seatmates in beda and he used to pester me his air guitar and sappy metal songs.. our row rocked though; atleast that’s how i see it.. and it wasn’t because tyrone was in it.. it’s because that’s how it is when you’re sitting next to this guy.. he’s sure to drive you nuts with his almost impossible scenarios.. i’m keeping my fingers crossed that if i ever get to have kids who attend law school, i hope he doesn’t put them up to the kind of shit he makes us go through with his "e pare, pano kung…….".. told me once that i was the paris hilton of iL (excuse me.. i’m no bimbo!!).. almost a brother.. calls me up long distance and chats with me for hours despite the time difference when i’m out of the country.. always talking about his imported cue sticks.. i swear, after listening to him talk about the specs, i am now an expert on the matter and can actually brag about it.. him and jansen are pretty close.. him and jeanie double dated once with us.. went home at about 3 am, woke up at 5 am for jansen’s regatta and we didn’t even see him race coz we were busy having breakfast.. i think that was the time he wore my nightgown… damn those professors!!

JAY FOZ: the devil’s advocate if not the devil himself.. he has had to put up with a lot from me.. tells it to me smack in my face that i’m ugly.. though i know he doesn’t really mean it.. always ready to give a ride to school.. my whinning buddy back in the days when we were both broken hearted.. we used to be inseperable since we’re in the same class when we transferred to FEU.. heard a story once that we were an item.. PHULEEZZ!! we had a whole beauty salon thing going on in class.. i’d tweeze stray beard and he’d cut the labels off my shirts.. him, jude and i used to go to pier1 a lot on weekdays after class and drink ourselvesout of misery.. i feel sorry for jude though, coz at that time, he didn’t have any love problems and he had to contend with jay’s and my whinnigs.. doesn’t really show it, but he’s a cry baby.. didn’t want to blow yer cover dude but remember that time you called me up all the way from isabela and we had that looong tear-jerking session?? hehehe.. always asking jr and me to stop studying and just go see a movie with him.. one time he even packed up my stuff for me.. the one who always eats my food, drinks my water and rummages through my bag for hand sanitizer, wet wipes or a kleenex without even asking me.. dude lage mo paba dala yung makeshift jumper cable mo?? won’t ever forget that time his car wouldn’t start, a day after it was mine.. a few weeks after, saw him causing this traffic jam along quezon ave (hit some lady’s car) and a couple days after that my car got hit in school while parked.. he stuck with me even though it was raining pretty hard.. wait lang, i think you had a flat tire din non?? we’ve shared more than just good times.. heck, we’re almost always together, we even share bad luck.. he’s not all bad though, always shares an i cool gum with me with him getting the bigger bite.. told me once that i drive like a guy.. not really sure though if that’s a compliment.. he’s such a sweetie..

JUDE ALAGDE: mr. suave himself!! can’t believe this guy’s always saying he can’t dance but he can sure bust a groove… one word best describes this guy — CATATONIC!! laging NR.. you could tell him the funniest joke and all you’d get is a snigger.. not so much a chuckle.. no offense but i don’t think i’ve ever had a friend as promiscuous as he is… we’ve had a lot of bloopers between us.. dude, remember that time we went to las pinas and we passed the toll gate 4 times?? or that time we were in aruba and you took my photo next to a post?? armani plaid skirt and all?? you told me i looked like a pole dancer… was sooo pissed then but i wish i hadn’t deleted the pic.. you reprimanded me once about how short i wore my skirt din!! talk about pseudo boyfriends… this guy was my PBF the summer i came back from home and a certain someone was vacationing in europe.. went to aruba every fucking day and got drunk silly.. my dancing partner since xL left for the states.. and tagal mag bihis nito!! one time sinundo namen xa ni nesh and achi mm, we had to wait for almost an hour!! ultra fun to be with.. would tell you squarely what he thought about a certain topic and has that honest-to-goodness look that just makes you believe him.. will keep you company no matter what.. watch out though.. he’s a total bad boy!! he’s been mentioned a couple of times on tv and he’s got erwin tulfo saying some nasty things about him.. dude, you and guns don’t mix so just quit playing with them.. and stop playing with that gun foz has you selling everyone.. no one’s gonna want to buy it after you’ve broken the spring and the countless times you’ve fired it out your window!!

IAN VALENCIA: always late but always just a text away.. the bitter half of the 1L batman and robin tandem… we used to call him "tong-gressman".. had a full blown argument with atty. arcilla in class once.. a debater through and through.. he was so adamant about making his point that he ended up reciting for the whole period.. saved everyone’s butt from being the soup of the day.. definitely the ladies man!! has gurls lining up right and left.. mostly the reason why he’s in trouble mo
st of the time.. try "frustrated murder".. *winkwink*

ANTON ESPINO: been seeing this guy eversince i was in UST.. we attanded the same college.. dude, remember that time you were smoking cigs in the pavilion and i backed into the trash bin?? hehehe.. those were good times.. another debater.. watches what he says around me though coz he says i’m like a tape recorder.. can i help it if i’ve got a memory as sharp as his tongue?? SEXIST!! can’t remember a 1L thing where both him and chyle were there and they didn’t argue about the virginity thing.. lay off it guys.. we’ve been arguing about it since we were freshmen.. let’s just list the dumb ass topic under irreconcilable differences..

SEPH APSAY: mr personality and mr controversy!! can’t believe he took the limelight away from me just when i was beginning to enjoy it.. atty. muria was damned pissed at me for not attending his class after he saw me having lunch in burger king.. he gave me a triple 60 for that.. everyone i know was talking about it, then he goes and pulls this stunt with atty. meru!! how could you?? *sniff*.. he’s such a great friend.. always willing to loan spare cash.. remember when you bought me hernando’s book?? it was relatively expensive.. hehehe.. for a guy who was graduated from bene and lives in ayala alabang, he can be really jologs.. loves to sing those jologs jingles ang tagalog novelty songs.. with matching jologs radio station ID pa.. hahaha.. he’s so vain.. he spends more on his hair than i do mine.. dude, remember when you picked a fight with tyrone and i was sleeping na?? had to wake up coz i was shit scared about getting hit.. don’t blame me.. ty is a black belter and you’re nothing but scrawny.. like a scarecrow!! hehehe.. much love bro!

RC RAMIRO: hon, hun, hone, XOXO… hahaha!! we’ve shared more bloopers between us than anyone else in the click.. and we (atleast I) thought it better that we keep it between us.. dude, remember that summer we used to go to alabang a lot to hang out in glenn’s home?? or that time we had a really big fight in espana and i acted like my own dramatic self — got off the car and crossed the street?? didn’t really think you’d chase after me.. didn’t really think you’d leave the crv in the middle of traffic and give chase.. was sweet though when we finally made up.. this guy had a carpool thing going way back in freshman year… has a very distictive colored car.. cherokee wannabe.. you can call it "the bus" or "the buzz", whichever tickles your fancy.. the shoe fits both ways.. he fetches everyone from home, brings them to school and then brings everyone home again.. it’s also where you can hear about the latest chizmax, whatnots, and those you wouldn’t want to hear.. he reads me like a book.. was so flattered when i heard through the grapevine when he said that with me, a person has to be really particular about what they say coz i can be really pissed off on a bad day.. he is the most patient, tolerant, most understanding bf i’ve ever had.. he doesn’t really say the things you would want to hear when you want to, but he says them at the perfect time.. sometimes you think he doesn’t care, but he just keeps it all bottled up.. very grade conscious (DL kse!).. he was so pissed that one time we had a fight during midterms and we just said those nasty things at each other and he wasn’t able to study.. hahaha!! nahuli pa nga kita nun diba?? i followed you tapos you were looking around the parking lot trying to find out if i was in school na.. i think that was the only time he got mad at me.. it was my fault all of ’em other times.. we used to have a written contract between us pa.. we drafted it in consti class.. i remember i didn’t want anyone to see it coz it was so shitty!! have so many nice things to say about this person.. his whole veneer and mannerisms leaves a lot to be desired, irritating at times, but i wouldn’t have had him any other way.. one more thing — remember your bitin pants?? i know they’re RL and all.. it wasn’t the point.. all your clothes are either lacoste or burberry naman e.. the point is, they’re bitin.. you were sooooo stubborn then.. everyone was already cracking nasty things smack in your face and you didn’t give squat!! FOR THE RECORD:: i still catch you staring at me from the corner of my eye and the way you make pa-cute lately just bugs me like crazy.. are you actually flirting with me??

TYRONE LACSON: he wasn’t able to make it to oysterboy during the january thingamajig but he’s almost always present.. WAR FREAK!! ok, i take it back.. he asserts that he was just provoked.. whatev!! tell it to the monkey dude.. is usually mistaken as the village idiot but he really isn’t.. i have to commend this guy, he does things with passion.. just sheer heart.. has his very own "sibak club".. i could drop a million and one names as to who’s willing to punch this guy.. a word of warning though, he’s got a black belt.. saw astounded when i woke up from a barkada thing to find him and joseph having a fight.. glad he knows when to pack it.. he just took tge whole thing lightly… his heart’s in the righ place.. i wouldn’t want him to change.. he provides comic relief and you’d luagh till your sides hurt at his antics and side comments!

JANSEN GERONIMO: ok, i know he’s not in law school but he might as well be.. he’s learned a lot of legal crap and legalese from me since we hooked up.. TAMPURUROT!! laging tampo when i don’t text him when i wake up in the morning or when i fail to reply to his txt messages or when i wasn’t able to answer his call.. he thinks i’m such a hottie pala.. i think he’s my #1 fan.. always ineterested with the things i learn in school.. i think i’ve already thought him more than i would want to, he gave me the third degree the last time we had an argument.. my friends swear that he’s gonna be mr. atty. abbey llanes.. i beg to disagree.. i think he’s just letting me have my way coz he loves me so much.. he goes where i go ((the accessory follows the principal)).. he’s such a darling.. our relationship so far has been a swim upstream but i wouldn’t want it any other way.. he has a terrible temper but everyone gets a bad day every now and then.. succumbs to road rage!! sweetie, i’m sorry if i’m always ticking you off.. you have to admit though, i do know the right buttons to press when i want to make you mad as hell.. i’m pretty sure that he’d wanted to wring my neck more than once.. he’s a little rough around the edges but aren’t all diamonds before they’ve been cut and polished?? i love the way he sings to me.. he’s got a terrible singing voice and i could swear he’s tone deaf but it doesn’t really matter.. the fact stands that he sings to me, requests to have it recorded on video and shows it off to my friends when he gets the chance.. my silly shmoo.. to him, everything is just pro forma… goes out of his way to please me.. remember that time i was so pissed at you and you showed up in my place on your knees saying sorry?? thought that was uber-romantic.. too bad i can’t make a testimonial for you that all of your friends can see.. i know you’re super duper proud of me for my achievements.. i promise — i’ll try my hardest not to shout at you anymore, verbally and physically abuse you when i’m in a foul mood, and to inform you of my whereabouts even when i’m just having a cig with j just so you won’t worry.. thanks for cooking all those delectable dishes for me and for cleaning up after me.. alabshu.. kissamahbebe!! hehehe..

CHYLE CORPUZ: the original "hey ma".. could easily be mistaken for a surfer chick.. sports board shorts and has had her hair done in dredds.. spent the whole summer with her once.. has everything in her backpack.. well, almost everything.. she brings astapler, a whole set of colored pens, highlighter, scissors, even a nailcutter and tweezers to school.. loyal and protective.. i could swear she has lashed out her tongue one too many times on my b
ehalf.. always has pasalubong when she comes back from out of town.. miss hanging out at your house ma.. has the most accommodating family.. super cool!!


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