today’s a real bummer.. was supposed to go dune bashing but then there was a major sand storm and thought that i’d rather not risk it.. doesn’t matter that there’s GPS.. ain’t fun coughing sand and ruining a good board.. time’s better spent at the mall anyway.. will go shopping later..

oh yeah, saw alia at the cafe a few blocks from our villa.. was pretty sure she’s supposed to be in uni.. oh well, she’s allowed to bunk school every now and then.. it’s all hush-hush.. i wasn’t supposed to be there anyway..

being an equestrienne is taking it’s toll.. yes, i know it’s been ages since i’ve been riding, just wanted to do the things i used to do as a kid here that i can’t do in manila.. drawbacks — negra nako!!! plus, i’ve got major low back pain!! have to start wearing sun screen..

seph >> what you said really got to me.. made me realize that i have become neurotic.. i’ll just stop analysing every freaking thing, then maybe i wouldn’t be so frantic and you wouldn’t see me as such a freak.. hold up — i shouldn’t be taking this from you.. you’re the OCOC!! hehehe.. i know you mean well bro..

had this weird dream last night.. was cuddling up with a friend whom i’ve never seen in a mushy-mushy kind of way.. eeekkk!! i don’t want to dwell on thoughts that i might have the hots for him.. he’s not a bad catch but then again, i’ve said so many mean things about him and i wouldn’t want to waste the friendship.. hooking-up with him would just be plain nasty.. besides, he’s the type who’d cheat on his girl.. he’s known to mack around.. must consult chyle and must not fret about it.. must not even think that it’s my subconcious trying to hint something..

that’s about it for today.. better get some shut eye..


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