finally got some time to blog…

i’m back in the "gucci-clad, beemer-driving" crowd.. i don’t think it’s me anymore.. i miss the "manila-me".. the low profiler.. i might have stowed "dubai-abbey" when i stowed my prada pumps to attend uni in manila.. it feels weird now.. but like what my dad says — it’s just keeping up appearances.. the yatch club isn’t really my thing anymore.. i’d like to pologize to my euro buds..

the the past few weeks have been tough.. didn’t know shopping could get so tiring.. was talking to karen listana earlier.. whopeee!! finally.. a familiar face from law school to have coffee with here in dubai.. i wonder if mia’s already here.. anyway, will see karen on wednesday..

lai >> hey ma!! thanks for the emails.. thanks for always being there.. thanks dun sa so-called field trip naten!! twas a day i’ll never forget.. hope i remember to post that in the beda logbook..


exagge yung road-trip namen ni lai.. those who know me probably won’t believe this but — i rode public transportation with this girl!!! "immersion" nga eh.. it wasn’t bad at all.. in fact it felt exhilirating.. felt so in touch.. weird ba?? just felt like one of the masa.. whoohoo.. power to the masses!! STOP!! this doesn’t mean though that i’ll be fighting for social justice soon or that i’ll be doing pro bono NGO work… alabang boy apsay’s the one handling that department..

would like to say thanks to erin, kathy, kimmy, lady, and donna for wishing me well before i left.. missing you guys a hell of a lot..

kathy >> thanks for inviting jansen and i to bora but i don’t think i’ll be able to make it since i won’t be back until the 15th of may.. we might vacation in nicosia pa.. he doesn’t want to go without me daw.. i think he’s still suffering from separation anxiety.. OMG!! he cried when we were at the airport.. was sooooo touched.. di xa nahiya kay aries… hehehe..

kimmy >> hope you made the cut.. i’ll share my materials with you when i get back.. got you your t-shirt already.. oh yeah, got another frosh law stude friend.. maybe you guys could hook up..

foz >> dude, registration naba?? wait lang — i don’t think i was able to thank you for fetching me from home and then bringing me back the last two weeks i was there… SUPER THANKS.. you seeing that mystery girl na ba?? i’m changing my previous answer when you asked me.. i’m advising you against it.. it’s not worth the hassle… besides, pag nagka GF kana, pano na kame ni jude?? who’s gonna put up with my whinnings pag nag break na kame ni jansen?? ang rebound naman nung dating if ever 2 lng kame sa pier1..

jude >> dude, miss na kita!! you gonna be with us na ba this term?? hope so.. and i’m also hoping that you’ve gined some weight.. ang payat mo the last time i saw you.. you know, that time i got stuck with arway and anne in jay’s car.. i’m telling you.. it was the longest ride from oysterboy to starbucks in the same vicinity i’ve ever had.. lai said you were trying to get in touch with me daw.. something about my car??

dato arroyo >> thanks for sending me that sms for the lenten season just before i left.. sorry wasn’t able to reply.. was so busy.. will you be joining us this term?? hope so..

tata for now!! =)


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