i’m flattered with the attention..

i’m really flattered that a certain "cokeyness" is taking time to ruin my otherwise perfect life.. i could use a change.. didn’t really think anyone would care.. thanks for the comments and thank you for adding me to your faves.. it means you’re taking time out for me and THAT makes me important!!! no matter how shallow everyone says you are (not to mention juvenile!) — i have to say, you do know how to make one proud.. kudos for giving me the satisfaction of knowing that i get into your nerves whoever you might be..

i’m rounding up the usual suspects.. i could name 6 people off the top off my head who would be so insecure so as to bother.. you’re probably hiding behind a fictitous name because you know you are not worthy to be pitted against me.. you probably guffawed your way out of college..

anyhow, thanks for the ego boost!! hope to receive more preposterous messages from you.. if you do react to this post, it would only mean that you really are keen about getting to know about the details of my life.. i’m a very vain person and you’d just be feeding my ego.. from what i see, you’re someone who’s been dissed and dismissed, a has-been who can’t take move on..


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