Monday, March 14, 2005

some more rants and raves!


i’m sooooo totally pissed with jansen right now.. don’t really know whose fault it is this time.. sometimes it just gets too frustrating.. we’re both obstinate fools who can’t just compromise.. we can’t even talk without screaming our heads off.. i’d more than love to break up with him but all he has is this dumb cool off thing.. i mean, which 26 year old would say that?? it’s so highschool..

for fairness’ sake, i have my own childish bouts everynow and then, nut– COOL OFF?? now all we need are crayons and nap times in pre-school!! he can’t even deal with the problem.. just turns his back away from it.. how could i have hooked up with someone so immature and selfish.. and i thought i had issues.. i really need to see a shrink on his account.. it’s bad enough i have to stress with school; now i’ve to contend stressing over him too..

sweetheart, cooling off and calling the girl just to spite isn’t gonna cut it.. if you really wanted some space why not cut off all communication all together.. you say that cool off thing like it’s supposed to do soemthing.. i hate to burst your bubble but it doesn’t do squat.. it’s like we’re together din naman.. i think you just want some guilt-free time to yourself..

jeez.. i don’t really know why i’m wasting this much space on you on my journal..


last saturday i went out with my classmates and bar topper atty. diaz.. i’m sooo totally crushing on him.. so what if my other classmates tell me that he looks like a geeek.. he’s so smart naman!! plus the fact that he topped the bar last year is certainly a feather in one’s cap.. why do i have this thing for super intelligent guys?? guys who are suplado really turn me on.. why the hell did i go out with jansen?? jansen’s as much of a psycho as i am…

sir!!! i love you… sorry, anel pala!!! he insisted on being called anel outside the classroom.. well, i guess he’s trying to be really cool with us.. he even footed the bill.. i think it’s his way of easing his conscience about giving us some pretty hard-assed exams over the course of the semester.. i hope i don’t fail.. as it is, i’m already in danger of doing so for over-cutting..

oh well, for a guy like anel, he is fair.. he has every right to demand of us and if we do fail, it’s of our own doing.. doesn’t matter what every body else says, i still think he’s super cool.. too bad he has a girlfriend.. =(


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