Sunday, January 16, 2005

midterms week..

jeez… midterms na se nego tomorrow and i haven’t even read a single word related to the frustrating subject… it’s been one hell of a week… lemme give you a run down…

monday:: no scheduled exam but still had a make up class for nego… bunked school though… thought i’d do some studying for the exams scheduled for the following day (admin & PIL)… watched tv the whole day, went online, and drove around the city thinking of some lame-assed excuse not to het the books yet…

tuesday:: woke up freakin’ early to cram for 2 exams from 5-7pm… was in school by 9 am and didn’t hit the books till 2pm… studied the cases an hour before the first exam.. wanna know what i did from 9-2pm?? chatted with the friends… pestered some people… smoked a few cigs, and had luch with j and jr…

wednesday:: another free day!! thank god.. really thought i needed a breather after 2 exams the previous day… didn’t study either… hehehe… went to see ocean’s12… didn’t like the movie that much..

thursday:: bus. org. midterms under atty. mercader… was in school by 9 and was really shocked to find the illustrious justice foz already hard at work… hmmm.. or is he??? grabe!!! thought it was the longest exam i’ll ever have… atty diaz’s proved me wrong… the partnership exam didn’t really require brain activity but used a lot of muscle… took everyone a whole 3 hours to finally finish the test… a contradiction since i proctored halfway through the test and everyone (well, almost everyone) was cheating like crazy… hehehe..

friday:: no exam but we did have "mooting" class… boooooooring… atty. lat should have just merged the class and we would have been able to go home a little earlier and get some studying done for credit… wait… scratch that.. just remembered that i just hitched a ride with j. foz and he had credit till 10pm..

saturday:: damn!!! crammed like hell… took the killer credit transactions exam under atty. diaz… zee and the other guys call it the credit massacre… it is by far the longest and most mind numbing exam i’ve ever had in law school… i swear if i pass that test. i’ll ace everything else.. guess at’s what you get for having a bar topper for a professor… i’m just glad he’s not the one teaching us nego… i would have killed myself otherwise…

went to mass today and just bummed… i feel a little tinge of guilt creeping on since i should be memorizing nego provisions instead… well, gotta log off now before atty. barcenilla gets my sorry ass at the end of the term…



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