spent a substantial amount of time trying to import my post from my blogger account… stupid me — it didn’t even occur to me to just post the link.. just goes to show that i’m treating this exrcise as a ‘no-brainer task’..

was able to chat with vida today.. she’s into this internship program at the sol gen’s office.. it was just for a while though.. she seemed busy…

i’m counting every single day till i go bak to manila.. well, not exactly.. just today since i didn’t really go out.. just decided to stay home and practice being a ‘techie’.. wanted to update my friendster blog.. excuse me — i’m not a blog addict — YET! wanted this to be my primary blog so that i wouldn’t have to contend with that ‘lolita’ whoe’s been wasting her time on me like crazy.. not for anything else — i don’t want the hassle.. she can call me anything she wants just as long as she stays clear off my path or that she doesn’t get at me on a bad day when i get to the philippines.. i’ve decided take the matter maturely *applause applause* lai mare, you’d be so proud.. hehehe..

phooey.. i miss my boyfriend.. we talk everyday but it just doesn’t seem to be enough.. the distance is wearing us down.. or is it just me?? i’ll try negotiationg with my dad tonight if i could go back to the islands a week early.. might even be able to go to bora before school starts.. catch some waves and zzzzzz’s..


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