today’s a so-so kind of day.. for one thing, i was able to hang out with my mom.. she gets so busy with the biz sometimes that it’s "quality time" running errands FOR her.. second, got a blogger and an online photo album on friendster.. i’m terrible at multi-tasking and i’ve got zero management skills; it’s such big help to have all three in a single app.. third,was able to do some more shopping..

hmm.. wonder if that bitter bitchessa who sends me hate mail and sends me nasty comments on my blogger would still bother.. anyhow, what she’s doing is a real ego boost and i wouldn’t want to waste my time on her snide remarks.. last time i checked — the philippines is a free country.. she could say whatever she wants.. she’s seems smart enough not to disclose her identity.. too scared to have a libel law suit hurled at her that would run her dry.. and she has the audacity to call me chicken.. pshaw!! and she thinks i don’t know who she is.. hello?! i’m a law student.. i can put two and two together.. i’m amused by her naivete.. RULE NO 1: you don’t send someone hate messages using your own account and then send another one using an "obviously-made-up-one" account along the same theme..

anyway, was hanging out with my mom in this italian coffee shop when oliver timbol (a friend of mine i went to highschool with) calls me up.. our batch has got this whole reunion thing going on since thursday’s been declared a holiday.. talked to jasmine ruidera earlier about the whole jig and it’s got me all psyched up.. i’m really looking forward to seeing them.. some of them have gotten married, some are paying their own mortgages, all of them’s got stable jobs — a scenrio which makes me the big loser.. sobsob..why?? coz i’m still in school, not even close to settling down, conned my dad into giving me a car, and still what seems like a million-&-one-light-years to ever getting a job..

DAMMIT!! now i’m apprehensive..

On a lighter note >> should i or should i not:

  1. repost my previous posts from my other blog here?
  2. cancel my blogger account?
  3. post photos on the online photo album?
  4. buy a new mobile phone?
  5. get jansen addidas1 trainers? my friednds tell me it’s the coolest thing.. it’s got a microchip that’s supposed to "$%^&*(%%" and it’s just been launched here.. anyway, it’s supposed to be ultra cool and he’s gonna think i’m such a darling for getting him a pair.. [or so my friends say]

     $%^&*(%% translates to : "some technical guy lingo i didn’t quite get"

TTFN!! =)


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