nappy roots..

saw my highschool batchmates yesterday.. it was great!! the past week has been plain rotten and the ‘reunion’ gave me something to look forward to.. not really much to do here.. contrary to what others may think, ours is not a hate-hate relationship.. only five [seven including tina and pekto] of us showed up.. the rest [the other 11] were no shows.. anyhow, having jasmine, oliver, xavier and rodel for company..

it’s funny that none of us really changed.. everyone looked exactly the same.. beng and xavier didn’t even change hairstyles.. but then again, xavier really couldn’t do much with his ‘sponghado’ do.. hehehe..

jasmine and i used to be really tight in highschool.. we would make fun of our classmates behind their backs or most times smack in their faces.. we were so rude!! beng would always mutter to himself and curse us like hell whenever we would ask him for a few sheets of his singapura paper [the yellow pad equivalent here in dubai].. he still has the same hairdo although it’s shorter now.. none of us are married YET..

was expecting xavier to be arrive in  some kind of GQ look — he didn’t.. and i was a tad disappointed.. the reason was is when we were in highschool, this guy always wore his shirt tucked in and black leather shoes with tassels.. i’m not poking fun at him.. he’s one of the few guys in class who was neat in a turn-on kind of way.. he looked freakingly alike sir pronton, except our teacher wore his shirts untucked on casual thursdays.. he’s [xavier] happily married now, has  a good job, and a six month old kid..

‘kuya’ rodel was exactly how i remembered him.. deep set dimples and harry potter spectacles.. only harry potter wasn’t the ‘it guy’ he is right now when we were in highschool.. he’s still single though i’m pretty sure he’s over gem na..                 

duane never showed up.. we never really told him about the reunion.. talked to him this afternoon though.. we tried catching up.. i’ll nevr forget this guy.. he really has it for axle rose.. he showed up in class once wearing bright red cycling shorts!! harharhar.. rashid and him even showed up in plaid skirts one time.. he’s a real fashionista.. he has it hard for robin padilla like he has it for axle.. he wears cowboy boots to school and tries out binoy’s uyuy moves on the elementary girls.. he’s also married..

to the others who aren’t here yet.. i’m really sorry.. kinda pressed for time e.. don’t really get to blog that often.. 

note to self: write about jenna, myra, jeff, mengil, kristine, and mark.. 


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