what-nots and have-nots..

So, I was having cofee with my catholic school buds yesterday and we got into talking about the latest techie stuff here in Dubai. I’m not a techie myself and the whole thing guess just threw me off. You could say that they lost me at hello (cheeesyy!!).

Heard that ski dubai is due to open in July.. tsktsk. Too bad I’ll be in Manila then – boring myself to death. On the other hand, Chloe is ecstatic. No more using snow boards for dune bashing ONLY, no need to go to Europe for some powder, and sticking your tongue to a ski lift pole in Dubai is something to look forward to.. you go girl!! I have a feeling you’re gonna have first digs in the infirmary. You are such a spaz-hall-of-famer!!

Was able to peek at the new Gucci spring/summer ’05 collection.. the gypsy look is till kinda the thing. Can’t believe that wedges are back this season. Am i ready for a full skirt? My mom would soon be forcing me to be wearing them [full skirts and wedges.. aacckk..] Seen the bobo look lately?? More like hobo look. Rumor has it that the mary kate & ashley twins deserves full credit. I think it looks dawdy and i won’t fall victim for that fashion statement.

OMG! I’m turning into such an airhead. Gotta stop hanging with snotty peeps and start enriching my otherwise grounded mind. I need intellectual intercourse! Hmm.. wonder when I’ll be able to catch a flight out of here.    

Signing Off.. =) Cheers!!

PS >> Time stamp’s in Manila time.. Dubai time is -4hrs


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