whatever floats your boat

I wonder why people hate me. They [the abbey-haters] are just a handful but it just gets to me. Doesn’t it you? I mean, why bother reading my posts and wasting valuable time posting comments, sending hate mail and nasty PM’s when that person thinks i’m a loser? Isn’t that person even more of a loser than I am for bothering with a ‘loser’? Heck, whatever floats your boat.. Just wish that person would bugger off. It’s not o much as me hating her but rather that she’s so into me that she’s probably lost herself. I advise her to see a shrink.


It’s freaking weird what happened today. Lai asked me a favor to help toto look for a job here. She asked me to call one of her cousins who’s already found a job here — which i did — to help out. Told my dad about it a couple of days ago. Told him where the guy worked and stuff like that. Anyway, my dad was in the place where the company this guy worked for housed their employees. He saw a bunch of people working for the company boarding a bus and he pulled down his window and flagged one down. Anyway, he talked to this guy and it turned out that he was the guy I called!! harhar!! Isn’t that just weird? Go figure..


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