Ponder, ponder.

Most people live lives in quiet desperation. Could this be true? If so,  am I one of them? Or could it be just because I’m tired of this lifestyle? Contrary to popular belief, I don’t lead such a charmed life. I just have a different way of dealing with typical problems/situations that life decides to hurl at me. Do I really need to ponder about this or is it just some mental gymnastics I’ve decided to undertake for fear that I’ve become ‘airheaded-ly shallow’ over the summer for hanging out with the people I do? *sigh* I need someone with a tad more sense than I do to talk to. Someone like Lai. Miss you ma! I know you take time to read my posts. So does Chyle, Kren, Mike, Seph, JR, J, some of our other friends, and, a few unmentionables. I’m not trying to pick a fight here; just trying to drive a point.What exactly does ‘quiet desperation’ mean? I have a vague idea but I guess it can’t be THAT accurate [vague nga diba! i swear, i’m on the road to stupid land..]; it’s only a contextual/operational definition. Dennis dela Torre, if you’re reading this, or probably vangie, please tell me what it means. Pardon my ignorance, but the thought is a far cry from the posts which I started in the bulletin board in the IL Student Council Office. Does being intransingent veer you away from the being ‘quietly desparate’? Does that even make sense? Jordz, enlighten me please.. Seph, don’t evangelize me! *snigger* 

Err.. got to stop this before you guys think I’ve gone bonkers. This so not me. Anyway, will be flying in sooner than scheduled. To the gimik buddies >> Trust me, there’ll be stuff for us to do right after i breeze through immigration and baggage claim.



One thought on “Ponder, ponder.

  1. abbey, the desperation you feel would be more effectively addressed with three R’s: RELAX, RELATE and RELEASE.. the smart ass that you are, yoy’ll surely be able to figure it out! LOL!

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