Must be a cold day in hell

Beautiful weather was still in Dubai when I left, how did it get so freaking hot here in Manila? Been here one whole week and "exciting" is yet to happen. Nothing but problems. I could rant all day long – but of course i wouldn’t do that.

Been arguing a lot with Jansen. Everything is so not cool. I think I’m being taken for granted but he says he’s just busy trying to clinch this project with NAWASA (or whichever utility company). I don’t know. Guess I’m just vying for attention. Particulary his! Been going out on drinking binges even on a week day. Mostly with Jude. Met up with Donna and Lady in Marina a few days back and we turned it into a photo op. She was kinda nagry at me when i said i might not be able to make it since i was already with jay. She screamed at me.. shit scary on my part.. everything’s cool with us though. Lady’s got her own set of probs and I’m beginning to think that everyone’s a basket case this time of the year. Everyone’s looking for either love or money. Guess you can’t have both. Buti nalang Jay and Donna were there. They kinda helped ease the tension.

Jay fell prey (yet again!) to my ravings, rantings, whinnings and what nots. The ride home was all sobbed-out. He’s pretty used to it by now. Jude and him used to joke around alot that this happens every summer. I fly out to some exotic destination and come back with a broken heart. Must be something with clean air that get’s to me. Separation sets paranoia in. Give me smog anytime.

Note to self >> must remember to post the photos we took.


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