My Camarilla

Went to school yesterday to check up on my grades. Didn’t fail a single subject. Whoopeee! To think that I was so worried. Even exceeded the required QPI by a a couple of points. (jude, i know.. hindi rin ako mayabang. Just lemme have a go at the limelight. I’m ecstatically happy!*snigger*) Had dinner with the student council peeps and then met donna at quattro for her much needed alcohol and ciggie break. Ryan and new found friend Joseph Pua met us there. Grabe. We were like a bunch of kids gibbering a dismaying mix of extempore ramblings over drinks and sashimi about corny pinoy movies and channel 2 sitcoms and soaps. Didn’t know ryan was such a fanatic! Donna, as expected, was a notch less than clueless about the late 80’s – early 90’s pinoy pop culture. I was on a high!Ever felt happiness suffuse all the cells in your body and a smile light up your face? I did, yesterday. It was fantastic! Made me forget about my probs for the time being. Time for a reality check.

My camarilla involves lai, jay, jude, mia, donna, lady, chichi mm, dianne, aga, and kathy. My very own group of not-so-secret and scheming advisers. They’re all brilliant. Always ready to inflame or ‘deflame’ my passions. They give advice (not always sound, but is reason just the same) to ameliorate my exiguous circumstances. A girl could never ask for more. Especially one as indolent as I am! A million thanks!


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