post liminum

YES!! I’ve finally broken free from the curse that was jansen! It wasn’t easy but I finally did it. This is the lat time i’m going to talk about it. Things just didn’t work out! How could I have been so stupid!! I got played and that’s one for regret!I’d like to thank my friends who’ve been so patient with me — Donna, Lai, Jude, Dingdong, Jay, and Ryan. Thanks for putting up with my psychotic episodes!

RECAP>> A fortnight of adventures & misadventures!

Been going out a lot the past week. The happiest i’ve ever been out was Tata’s birthday. Thanks Jude & Aimee for getting me totally zonked!(Aimee: I haven’t forgiven you yet for thinking and moreso for saying out loud that you thought Jay and I were a couple.) The highlight of the evening — running in the rain in heels with jay lugging tiramisu meltdown over my head to keep me from catching cold. (Had to tie my hair back after that coz it metamophosized into a bouffant when it dried!! Hahaha! Was brought home by Jay @ around 4am. Woke up thinking that I might have bugged him senseless on the ride home. He’s probably used to it by now. All I’ve ever done in his car is embarass myself. No biggie though, he’s like a brother to me naman.

Went out with donna after that. Bar-hopping ata yung ginawa namen. Had to go to another bar to meet mia and apsay. We couldn’t really stay in Off the Grill since all they were palying were sappy love songs. We thought it better to cut our losses and leave. Couldn’t really let seph and mia down since they drove all the way from up south. Had a blast! Making fun of Seph reallt got me out of the doldrums and Donna is such fun to hang out with. Donna’s friends were there and it was an opportunity to get an intro to a refreshing set of people. Oh yeah, met edmond. We’re phone buddies na.

I love hanging out with Donna. Other than the fact that she’s always game, she’s really cool. She’s good friends with my friends now and it’s funny how ryan and her are on arguing terms already. The glamour is purely incidental. What I don’t like lang is when she and jay gangs up on me about the ex. I know they mean wee and I understand what they really didn’t like him for me. It’s all in good fun. Won’t forget the laugh-a-lympics we’ve had at his expense.

Went out with Lai to the mall and that was one helluva jinxed day!! Got suckered into an hour of persuasion. Went out with Donna, Ryan, Jude and Jay that evening. Same old Shit. Talked about the breeding practices of mammals and insects. How profound! Hahaha. 

Fuck!! I completely lost track of time. Gotta motor. Got class pa and I haven’t even showered yet!

Oh yeah, Post liminum nga pala to:

  "I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, not the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all."


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