Just burning daylight..

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Left my mobile with J for a concept I myself cant even grasp right now. Must have been zonked last night to part with something as important. Oh well, I could use the change. Time’s better put to use studying than texting and answering phonecalls anyway.

Another lazy sunday and I’ve just woken up. I’ve got a million and one things to read today but I’ve decided to put it off; the great procrastinator that I am! Regular classes are starting this Tuesday and my friends and I have come to an understanding that only Saturdays are ‘drinking-spree’ days. Unless we decide to cut class the following day! Everyone’s got to pull their QPI’s up and everyone’s a step below crazy trying to cram hundreds of pages of text to read and forty or so cases to digest. Buti nalang holiday tomorrow!! Whew..

Got a buzz in my head right now. Funny, didn’t really drink that much alcohol last night. Just had a couple of cocktails. It was fun. The usual peeps. Lai, Jude, Jay, Seph, JR, and Anton. Anton was extremely late but atleast he made it! Drove all the way from Pamapanga! Lai — twas a good thing di tayo nagalit sa kanya when he was taking his own sweet-assed-time sipping on his san mig light — nag eefort naman sha to be with us. Which goes to show a lot for Joradanne!! Mare, I am so totally pissed with you right now!! You were the one who asked us to organize last night’s gimik and you were a no show. Didn’t even text us.. hmp!

The night wasn’t such a crushing scene except for that time jr, j, and myself arrived first and waited for almost an hour to be seated in the non-smoking area. The three of us downed a bucket of steamed oysters in a snap. We must’ve been hungry. Well, I was. Didn’t have time to have dinner since J swung around at 8 after their billiards game. RC was another no show. It’s ok though, we know that he’ll be moving in to his condo unit today and he was probably tired from all the studying and the driving. [hmm..]. Lucky guy. Now I’ve got one less person to hitch a ride with when i don’t feel like driving to school. He wouldn’t have enjoyed last night anyway din naman. First because we would have me barking at him each time I catch him stealing a look at me [feeling ba jude?!]; and second, he doesn’t smoke and as cannot be evaded, a substantial amount of chikka time was spent talking about doobie. Which brings me to what JR said. Is it really possible to smoke pot and not actually be a cig smoker? Only JR can give me similar head-scratching-mind-boggling questions. Guess I better prepare myself for more of those this term since I’ll be seated between him and J.

TTFN! Have to read atleast 20 cases today for Wills and the other 20 tomorrow. Buti nalang there won’t be school tomorrow. Got to evade Tax! =)

Oh yeah — Happy Independence Day! If you could call it ‘happy’. I know that Dato and I are friends and all, and I mean no disrespect to his mom and his family but I think this country is going to the dogs. What with talk about another EDSA rev, it’s become such a cliche!


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