Just blowing off steam..

Got my phone back!! Missed it like crazy!

Do I look like I’ve had my nose done? I feel mixed emotions. First, because it gives the impression that my nose is ‘less than perfect’ [OUCH!] and it somehow improved over the summer [YIPEE!] and second, because it came from someone I really admire [YIPEEYAHOOEY!]. Tssk tsk.. Too bad he’ll be taking a sabatical next month. I’ll miss him. OMG! I feel like a schoolgirl with a crush!Hold up — I AM A SCHOOLGIRL WITH A CRUSH!! I’ve been crushing on this guy for like forever!   

I hate thursdays!I hate restrictions and I hate inhibitions! I hate being bound and rushed into doing something at the last minute simply because someone didn’t do what they were supposed to do. Went to Congo Grill lastnight after class thinking that I might have some free in the morning. I really needed to unwind. Read like crazy for Civ Pro class under Atty. Salvador and was so disappointed because I wasn’t called on to recite. Had to go home early because apparently, someone didn’t post the assignment for Legal Couseling which has been faxed by Atty Rico a couple of days ago! GRRR.. Now I have to cram all 10 or so cases and I’m supposed to bring my Labor Code and Rules Of Court Codal to school. I’m not even prepared for that! Heck, haven’t even finised the essay she assigned! Oh yeah, speaking of the essay, bagong-bago and topic! "Why I want to be LAwyer." Been getting texts like crazy from classmates breathing down my back that as the class president I should do something about it. Uh oh! Sangkalan nanaman ako.. Pwede! I’m on it na!

WHEW!! Glad I finally got that out!


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