The Road Less Traveled.

Last night was positively alcohol-free! I think I’ll try the road less travelled for once. No alcohol, cut back on the cigs. It can’t be that hard since I’ve made a dead-end typical law spinster pact with foz!

Woke up to a beautiful day! Went out with Minong (aka pimp-daddy) yesterday to a common friend’s birthday party. Was home by 3am. Relatively early since I’m known to be partying till the wee hours of morning. But then again, I wasn’t with jay. Come to think of it, yesterday was the first saturday night I spent without him since we reverted to the ‘good ol days’. As I was saying, went home early since I was with Minong and I didn’t want to put the poor guy to sleep at the wheel. He’s not used to partying all night (puro aral kase!) and I was considering the fact that he has to drive all the way home to Alabang. He took really good care of me and I enjoyed the night out with his Ateneo friends. Dude! Don’t worry, I’ll put in a good word for you. I’ll even ask around for the name of your crush as a bonus! Hehehe.

Yesterday was Civ. Pro and Labor Rel day. Still haven’t been called on to recite by Atty. Sandoval. I must be the only one left which means that I’ll probably have first digs come Wednesday! Yesterday’s bloopers? Went to school super early was was shocked to see that jay was there na! Must be another cold day in hell. Had breakfast @ McDo and was supposed to go to this photo shop to get the print for atty. diaz (that’s anel to me. Next level na eh!) but we desisted when I saw that access to the shop was the same one used to enter the cheap motel!! Hahaha. Thanks, but no thanks! Rather not risk it. My rep’s all I have! Didn’t do much in Labor Relations. Guess Atty. Tuozo was in a chipper mood and he didn’t really feel like terrorising us. It’s all good. Didn’t really get much studying done. Jay kept bugging me with his pens! Oh yeah! Next time I won’t sit next to you na; not because di ka maka aral but rather the other way around! Don’t make lame excuses. You can’t study when I’m around kase I have that effect on you! Harhar! Serves you right being called on to recite on both our classes kulit mo kase. Intruding into my space and "ejecting" my elbow! Sama tuloy tingin satin ni Tuozo! HAHAHA! Pays to have Justice Foz for a name no? And being related to THE Justice Foz doesn’t do squat either? Ok. Enough tampo tampo!

We got dismissed early and then started my looooooong wait for Minong at the SC Office. Twas sweet of him to let me leave my car here at home and hitch a ride with him. Yesterday was terrif! And it wasn’t because I saw Anel (ehem!) but because I know my friends are behind me 105% all the way. Lai mare, thanks for the text messages. Miss hanging out with you.

Gotta go!! Got to encode some reviewers pa for the bar ops. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sign up for that but what the heck.. it’s for a good cause. What goes around, comes around.


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