Fading In

Been terribly sick since wednesday. Had a bad bout with the flu. Missed two whole days of school (technically, it was just one coz Atty. Rico didn’t hold class on thursday and friday was a holiday). I’m just beginning to feel better. Didn’t really get much rest. My ninang says it must be fatigue but having a temp didn’t really stop me from going out of the house yesterday. For two reasons: (1) I couldn’t miss another civ pro class (and it’s not because I have the hots for Herbacio! Believe me, I don’t!); and (2) I had a long standing date with Ryan Sibal. I felt terrible in school yesterday and I’m glad the usual pests made themselves scarce. Was it that or was I too busy staring bankly into space.

Lai, it is with great pleasure (and pride na rin) that I am telling you that I have broken free from the series of black civics and ’98 crvs! You have to admit, that was a digustingly cruel twist of fate. From Papu (that’s RC or Pao to you guys!! *winkwink*) to Sen, who would have thought they’d have the same cars! As I was saying, I’ve so totally outgrown that. I’ve moved on to a bloodshot red civic!! HAHAHA!! Not a substantial deviation but it’s a nice break!

Ryan was uber nice. Super sweet and super funny! he’s not loud and upto a certain extent brilliant. Astig! Never really thought I’d ever go out with a biker dude but he has a cool bike. He’s almost a year younger than I am but he graduated college a year before I did. (Not for anything else, but I kinda took the long route having studied under a brit curriculum. Don’t.. say it.. i’m not trying to point a finger here.) He makes good eye contact. He drives like a maniac! Kinda like RC but not quite (I love the way, Pao weaves through the traffic in Philcoa in highspeed. Partida pa yun ha, CRV’s from my experiences don’t handle quite as well as sedans! Right mae?).. but then again, he could have probably just been trying to impress me with his driving skills. Zilch effect. His honesty is refreshing. We went to 3 places before we settled for Pier1 in ortigas. First we went to Off The Grill, then Tapika, then Baga. Road trip ba? He was telling telling me nga na it would have been better if we went to Baguio nalang, then we would have had a destination to drive to rather than driving aimlessly around the metro. Was home a little past 4am. We’ll be attending mass tonight and then catching a movie. Can’t wait!

Will try to blog some more tonight, have to meet Dingdong @ starbux for some studying. =) Cheerio!         


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