Image045_2 Hah!? Played hookie today. Went to see a movie with ryan in eastwood and then decided to bunk school since jay and jr asked me to. How bad!! I am so gonna get killed by Atty. Venturranza! Anyway, didn’t really think it was going to be a good idea to show up in class for two (2) reasons: (1) i was supposed to hitch a ride with jay, but since he bunked school, i wouldn’t have a way home; and (2) i was unprepared.. anyway, watching a movie’s more fun than staying in class din naman.. met up with Jay and JR at Gutson’s after merienda with ryan.

Its weird how everytime Ryan and I would go out, we’d always end up driving around town first before settling on a place. It’s becoming a pattern. This afternoon, we went to Gateway thinking we’d catch Monster-In-Law there. We were parked and everything na when he decided to play smart and call up the movie house to ask for the movie sked. We were off sked. Decided to go to Eastwood instead. Take last Saturday. We went around in circles in the Ch2 gimik hub before finally deciding on Off The Grill. We went to Cief pa, then Quattro, OTG and then Nocovo. He gave me an intro to a few buds and he met Dianne, Zee and Rockin’ Ronald.

Oh well, gotta sign off and study na. =) Got Wills tomorrow and I need to cut back on the slack. I really need to pull my QPI up.


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