Infantile Obsession?!

It’s official!! I am hooked-up — yet again.. I swear, I don’t know how many more of these hooking-ups and breaking-ups I’d have to go through before I’m done with law school. In the mean time, I’m having fun and I’m being spoiled rotten. Not that I wasn’t "rotten" before. New anniv? July 6, 2005. My friends have already started a betting pool trying to see how long we’d be able to put up with each others’ scams.

Didn’t have school on Friday. Went out with Lai to the mall lang and then met up with Ryan. He asked me to fetch him since he’s waiting for his most prized possession to get fixed and he doesn’t know how to take public transportation. To tell you frankly, I wasn’t surprised, Lai was. Anyhow, Ryan looks like a guy who has lived a privileged life. He’s living a life far more charmed than mine. Brought Lai home and she gushed about how beautiful Ryan’s hazel eyes are. I love them too mare! I guess, they were primarily responsible for my "ryan-fixation"; secondary lang yung "astig" demeanor. Butterfly kisses included!

This Saturday was perhaps the only Saturday I didn’t leave the house. Stayed home lang with Ry and watched dvd’s. Slept at 6am. True to his word, he is my last phone call for the day. He hasn’t missed a day since we were first introduced by Tina Buendia, and he called me when he got home.  How sweet.

Oh yeah, to my classmates who didn’t have labor rel with me, I’ll bill you later!! hehehe.. See, told you it pays to polish up on one’s diplomatic skills. Mine’s sure paid off!   


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