I know.. I know.. I haven’t logged in for what seems like ages. A lot’s happened the past week. Atty. Tuozo didn’t scold for that stunt I pulled on him last Saturday. I wasn’t even called on to recite! OMG!! He takes everything as an offense daw, maybe that’s his way of flunking me easy. Shit! Oh well , made a total fool of myself in Civ Pro (as always!) I thought it was funny how R.R. was sleeping while on recitation!! Touso has that effect. I hate that he’s so poker faced. LOLS!

Saw Fantastic Four with Ry on Wednesday after getting checked up in Makati MEd. Had to see a Hematologist. A bunch of unexplainable bruises started showing up in my extremeties and my ninang/aunt thought it best to have it seen by a doc. Shit scary on my part. Sweetie003_1 Oh yeah, Had our first neoprint together taken. Hehehe.. His shirt was the same as the background’s so his head just kinda floats in the photo when it was printed.   

Figured in a freak accident on Friday on the way home after seeing Lai. Must be death giving chase at me. Mia says it must be because my birthday’s coming up. I don’t believe superstitions. The accident on the other hand, freaked the hell out of me! It was the first time I got hurled off a bike with my boyfriend catching me in his arms. ‘Uzis’ around us thought what he did was sweet. A girl even said that she thought it only happened in the movies. I thought so too–until then. Got away with a few bruises and a little shaken. The boyfriend on the other hand, got a fractured rib, a dislocated wrist, and cuts and bruises good for the both of us.  Sweetie, I know you read my posts, stop gloating already! I really appreciate what you did. Stay sweet. Hmm, don’t get used to seeing your name on my blog. I don’t plan on making a habit out of this. Hope we feel better soon.

As to evryone else, TOODLES!!       


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