A million thanks to everyone who greeted me on my birthday. Yes, I am 25 years old. Just waiting for the "quarter-life crisis" to kick in. Had my "beer-day" bash last night. It was a BLAST!! Was so ecstatically happy. It was a nice break. Been so out of everything lately. Dead Brain Walking kind of week. I’d like to thank everyone who bothered to come.


LAI :: She went to the bash even though they were so freakingly busy in school, pulling an all-nighter for the elections. Was so disappointed at the start of the evening thinking that bestfriend-lai would not make it. Now I know how special I am to her. The sister I never had. Luv you gurl!!   

ANEL DIAZ :: Drove all the way from Makati to QC after his sister’s ball. Longsleeves, tie, and all; in a geeky-sexy kind of way. Always a pleasure hanging out with him. Intellectually stimulating. OMG!! I can’t believe nag beso sha saken — TWICE!! Hahaha.. Mega kilig!

DAR RODRIGUEZ :: Snuck out of his family’s reunion to see me. He says he doesn’t drink beer but he did last night. I so appreciate it. Just wish he isn’t so touchy-feely. Heard talk that Ryan was thinking of hurling a bottle at him na.

CHICHI UY :: It’s a good thing we reconnected. Pseudo-Aruba days reunioin yung last night. Always supportive. Never condescending.

In the words of Chichi, the evening was a success. If only I wasn’t so drunk. Hehehe.. =)

To everybody else, hope you were all zonked!!  See y’all next year!!


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