LaSt bReAth

I, with anxious hands,

opened the nearly forgotten letter.

It says,

Next time,

     Don’t tell me false promises

     Don’t make a fool out of me

     Don’t play with me

     Don’t make me feel you love me

     but the truth is,

     You want me to let yougo.

Next time

     when you walk out the door

     don’t say anything

     or return with lies

     Just go

     Don’t look back

     I can’t breathe

     My heart shrivels in pain

     and tears fall rapidly down my cheeks.

Next time

     put away that smile

     and never offer me a seat.

     Don’t be a gentleman.

     Don’t remind of the stories of the past.

     I’m afraid, so afraid

     I might fall again, be trapped around your arms.

     I might forget the mistakes I made.

     I’m afraid that I might love you with all my love.

I, teary eyed,

folded the letter then

deeply sighed.


This is a poem I read in The Barrister. An almost tear-jerker. It was written by Russell Taclao and I really loved it.


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