just another one of my many vicarious ventings

Bar month’s over. October fest’s here. Been finding it harder to drag my carcass to school for the finals. Can’t believe break’s almost here. Won’t be going home this time. My friends and I have got a million-and-one getaways planned for this sembreak. Puerto Galera, Enchanted Kingdom, Baguio, Manaoag. Got a million-or-two more planned for myself. Might go to that ‘tryst’ in Bangkok I’ve been invited to. Probably not, but then again, the indecisive fool that I am, I might decide to go at the last minute. I’m having second thoughts just because someone chided me that it has the semblance of a date. Thanks a lot Kenneth for ruining the moment. It’s so ‘typically ass-holic’ you! No more rides for you my fair-weather friend. Hehehe.

I’m definitely getting a tattoo this break. Got the design all planned out and Jay says he’ll come with. I’ve been bent out of shape lately; so exasperated with my mundane existence and thought a drastic change might be a good break from the monotony. In my book, a tattoo is drastic! Come to think if it, my parents would consider it the devil’s dictation, a notch higher than smoking!

Oh yeah, haven’t been seeing the boy and the grrr together lately which makes everything peachy for me. I don’t go around tormenting innocent people but she isn’t exactly innocent. I’m not one to keep one eye shut and I’d rather be a bitch than a doormat. I haven’t forgiven her for all the mean things she’s said about me behind my back. I’d make fun of her, smack in her face, any given day! Sure beats the titillating subjects of what-nots my friends and I discuss after a few rounds of lager. Don’t go self-righteous, indiganant on me, we all know you’ve broken wind at her expense if you’re one of the people I regularly hang out with!! Too bad she’s at the bottom of the foodchain.

Oh well, shit happens. Happiness is a myth!

Gotta sign off now. Gotta rush over to geldrey’s place to study.      



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