Oranges & Lemons (not the band! just inferring that this entry is a mix of whatever runs through my train of thought.. Hehe)

A bunch of people I know have suddenly seemed to have gone mental. They keep on calling ‘sweetie’, ‘baby’, ‘cookie’ and other mushy-mushy pet names. I’m not complaining. I just hope hope it’s not pity-talk!! Hehe.. Speaking of ‘baby’, got Ron hooked on the song "umuwi ka na baby’! I don’t really know the title but I picked the damned syndrome from Minong while hanging out at the SC office. Hey, if I’m not mistaken, the band Orange and Lemons is responsible for the ‘umuwi kana baby’ fever in school!!

Got up really early today. Went straight to the gym in the hope that I’ll be able to get this buzz off my head!3 mike’s and I’m out? Must be losing my touch. Damned stress! I think Mike’s Hard Lemonade is the only thing that can sway an intellect as potent as mine. I started making a fool of myself infront of Anel and Michelle last night after the 1st bottle! I wanted to kick myself for asking the questions I did. If the both of you ever get to read this post, my apologies. I’m really sorry for intruding!

WHY I WANT TO BE A LAWYER [This was actually an assignment for legal counseling. Thought I’d post it and maybe people would stop asking me why I want to be a lawyer.]

This essay proved harder to write than I actually thought. It’s weird because I’m already in my third curricular year and technically my fourth year in law school. I have always thought that the year I transferred from Beda to FEU was my year of maturity. Apparently, it wasn’t. If it were then I wouldn’t be so clueless as to why I want to be a lawyer.

Well, there are the standard answers. I want to be a lawyer because I want to serve the poor and be an advocate of justice. But I, like everyone else, have my own dissembled, self serving reasons.

Foremost of these: I’m in it for the prestige. Lawyers are looked upon here in the Philippines, or anywhere else for that matter, with respect and perhaps worship. Once you’ve uttered the words "I’m a lawyer", you get "ooohhs" and "aahhhs"; a sure fire ego boost. The glamour is not purely incidental. The profession is positively lionized.

Second: I am an only child. I live a somewhat sheltered life. Having grown up in another country hasn’t been much help. Pursuing further studies here in the Philippines is a way of breaking free from the fetters my finical parents have tried so hard to set up.

Third: And I am saying this with all honesty, I am taking it on as a personal challenge. My study of the law is highlighted by extreme highs and manic lows. I see it as a process to self-discovery and self-enhancement; a dare to see how far the recreant in me will be able to take it. You could say I have a passion for learning the art of blandishment. I am not saying that the legal profession is all smoke, but rather, learning the art of reason, persuasion, and a little bit of circumvention.

Fourth: I am in it for the money. A person has to earn a living, and a decent one at that. Lawyers have been known to be one of the ‘easy’ earners. A signature alone could rake in hundreds of pesos. I’m not after the easy buck, but the reality is, an easy buck is as good as a hard buck; even better!

It may seem that I want to be a lawyer for the wrong reasons but they are reasons nonetheless, and at this point in time, they are more than enough to fuel my passion for my study of the law.



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