PANDEAMONIUM: ‘demon-haunted world’

I’m really glad school’s finally over for this term. Law school’s really not that bad; it’s kinda fun – just as long as you keep up on the readings. It’s kinda boring now that it’s sembreak. Atleast I wouldn’t have to contend with:

(1) the "horribilis Espana" jam (that’s what I call it anyway. Traffic on Espana is terrible on any given day [except maybe when it’s late in the evening] and it’s extremely painful on the pocket [especially if you’ve got one of those guzzler 4×4’s]; and

(2) the welgistas causing "horribilis Espana".

I hate what’s happening to this country. I’m all for democracy and all but I guess it is true — THIS COUNTRY IS GOING TO THE DOGS! It’s stupid that just because they don’t have work, they get to hassle us — those who are trying just to get along by till the day gets done. Most of them don’t even pay taxes for crying out loud (they’re exempted! Lucky assholes!)! I’m not saying that they shouldn’t assert their right or that their non-payment of taxes should be taken against their right to raise their voice. I’d rather that they do it in some practicable way or some practicable place where traffic and business wouldn’t be paralyzed. Don’t they have work? Oh yeah, I forgot, picketing IS their day job and whatever money-earning scheme they do otherwise is a sideline.

I know that these people are free to do what they want with their time. I couldn’t even care less if they are being used as pawns of the media and politics moguls who are full of ruthless ambition and who invest in the excess and overblown melodrama of yet another EDSA revolt. It’s not even patriotic anymore; it’s cheesy!

They want a quick fix with the ‘gloria’ thing. I think the quick fix applies on a case to case basis. It requires exigency. It shouldn’t be resorted to if other amicable procedures are available. Granted, these people can do whatever they want with/to themselves. They could wipe the floor with those using them, they could succumb to the lure of a free meal ticket. Heck, I don’t really give a f*ck what they do with their own time just as long as they don’t meddle with mine while they’re doing it. I have a right to hassle-free roadways just as much as they do to picketing.

It’s not the governement’s job to give you a job, you have to look for it! And it’s not its job to save you from yourself, if you don’t want to be saved, the hell with you. It’s not the governement’s fault that you didn’t get a decent education because you spent your time slacking off, or that your mom was unemployed and spent her day brewing chismis about the neighbors, or your dad was a shirtless drunk who was a fixture at the nearby suking tindahan. Don’t blame the government for your personal stupidity. It’s stuck in a hell-hole just like you are because of people like you!

Freedom isn’t free; it comes with a trainload of responsibility. Come to think of it, I really can’t blame corrupt politicians for stealing money. These politicians are indebted to the people who put them in the position — the masa. These people on the other hand expect their mayors, governors, congressmen, and the rest of the posse, to feed them, bury their dead, send their kids to school, get them employment and pay their hospital bills! The politicians on the other hand, won’t give them money they’ve inherited from their parents’ sweat and hardwork, or from their own toil; they’re going to give money they didn’t have to break their back for. They take it from the national coffers! Poor people shouldn’t be complaining about corrupt politicians or officers stealing from the government. These politicians didn’t steal from them! They stole from the noble working class. So, if anyone should be complaining, it should be us, or my parents, or yours, for that matter. But we’re smarter than that. If these people want their lives to get better, they should get off their dumb lazy asses, stop bearing kids they can’t afford to support, and find jobs.

There! I’ve said my piece. I’m done.               


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