Shotgun! Baby. Baby. BANG! BANG! Hit me, if you can!

Last night was SUPER! But then again who wouldn’t have a great time with 750mL of 13% alcohol? Was totally knocked out! Don’t really remember much of what happened last night except that I saw jansen (it’s all good. We shook hands and even had  a photo taken together.) and that Ron and I went to quattro and off the grill before going back to see achi and dj.

Oh yeah, saw the friend of ryan’s brother in Off the Grill. He took a really good look at me. Perhaps trying to put a name to the face. Anyway, one good thing came out of last night. Was able to take the boy out of Aruba! Which ev, it was the first time since forever that he went to a place that didn’t belong to his brother.

Until next time! Cheerio! =)   


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