Saw Corpse Bride yesterday. Early.. As in the first screening for the day! I’ve never seen a movie that early — ever! My friend and I were the only people in the movie house. It was like a private screening. Anyhow, I thought the movie was beautiful and the mood deeply depressing. I love the butterflies and the ending. It articulates exactly how I’m feeling right now — TORN! Loneliness is universal. 

I’m not confined to a phoneless, dateless, Amish existence so I can’t really complain. I hate it that this is how I feel whenever I go out for drinks with this guy and there’s just the two of us. He talks about the modern day single female myths. And it sticks to my head — like barnacle. A horror flick of the psychological kind that I just can’t shake! I have a feeling this guy’ll be the end of me. As of last night’s conversation, I have never been that close to suicide! Maybe I should just call him E.B. [enthusiasm buster!]. I think that’s one of the things I love and hate about him. It’s refreshing to go out with a guy you could just talk to. I know that he’ll be sorely missed when I won’t get the chance to see him anymore; albeit his end of romance attitude. He’s been burnt so many times I can’t really blame him. His view, and soon to be mine, of a relationship is extict! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to commit again. I have devolved, degenerated.         

*Bambz!! A friend of mine gave me a video of Cutting Edge. You remember, that movie we used to watch every friggin’ day when we were kids? Brought back a helluva bunch of memories when I was a mere pre-teen — smelling the ice, taking a spill, figure skating lessons I was so anxious to attend until the hard work started and I had to practice 6 hours a day. I was even more of a spaz then than I am right now. I had to practice skating in a straight line for like 10 hours until I got it right. It’s good I grew out of that phase. *whew* Miss you girl! 


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