circLes & triangLes

Found out this morning that the grades have been released. I’m all shook up. I haven’t gone to school to get mine yet but I have a feeling that the results are *blah*. I’ve been hanging on to karma since school let out last week since I didn’t do enough leg work last term. I don’t think I’ve gathered enough of it (karma) to get me through this.

Out of sheer desperation — a last ditch attempt. I’m making ammends with all the ex boyfriends and those who I’ve dated over the years. You know who you guys are. I mean this with all sincerety. I’m sorry if you are now certifiably damaged because of me. I’m sure you got over it; and sooner than I thought you would. I’m glad that you’re with someone new now. I hope you’ve stopped running cuss words in your head whenever you’re reminded of me. Sorry, sorry, sorry, for all the mean, twisted, and freakingly outrageous and painful things that I’ve said, texted or might have done to you during the break-up. You should’ve seen it coming, hooking up with a girl like me! Well, I’m sure you’d be ecstatic to know that I am doing your species (the male population) a big favor by not having a bf right now *cartwheels*.

Frankly, I’m tired of the lies, deception, and machinations that your kind puts me through. I am taking a sabbatical from the love-arena. Oh yeah.. my caveat stands! But not in a vengeful kind of way, but as an obvious futile attempt at self-preservation. I am self-destructive by nature, I don’t need your kind.

I’m really glad that we’re friends again. Smile at me and say hi if we are ever blessed with a chance encounter. I promise I won’t stab you with the nearest pointed object I’d get my hands on. No hysterical outbursts, no drama. Time dulls the pain.

We have changed but we’re still the same.

I know we’re cool.         


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