crushed & burnt

CONGRATULATIONS!! To everyone who predicted that I’d crash and burn, it’s happening!I am anticipating monday’s big disappointment when I get my grades. I am officially wasting away. Wasting away in the sense that I’m always wasted.

Last night was the same old routine. True to form, I got drunk silly. But then again I’ve been drinking since 6pm. Went home early — 2am!! Wow!! It was ron’s better judgement to take me home early. Must’ve been saying a lot of stupid stuff. Plus I think I hit my head against the wall; accidentally! As may be evident from the bump on the left side of my head. Coherence left me after my second mike’s. Tsktsk. Ran into Joyce Dimaisip in Starbux. Had coffee there before going home in a futile attempt to sober up. Our conversation after the intros between her and ron went like this:

Joyce: So where did you guys go?

Abbey: Aruba.

Joyce: You always go there.

Abbey: Yeah.

Joyce: My friends and I went there before and it was all old people and the band was playing eighties music.

Ron: What day did you go?

Joyce: Don’t really remember. Shouldn’t I be saying this? Are you the owner? (Flashing a wide-eyed looked!)

Ron: Uhhmm.. No!

Joyce: Whew. (Relieved..)

Ron: My brother is.

LOLS!! Oh Joyce! It’s ol good. It was bona fide. Didn’t really think you’d need a heads up coz the whole thing just popped! I was surprisingly calm but then again it must be cos i was in total shock! Studies have shown that it takes the average person 10 seconds to recover from shock and that was about how long the conversation lasted. HarHar. On the brighter side of tihings>> when we’re old and estranged, we’ll be reunited by this particular common memory.

Ron, thanks for putting up with me and for always taking care of me. =)


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