you win some some, you lose more

No matter how big your problems are, you  realize (or is made to) that someone has a bigger problem than you do. It’s a fact! This always makes me feel better. I’m almost always wrong but with this particular thing, I am dead sure that I am on the mark! I have the comforting thought that I haven’t been singled out by the universe as some sort of cosmic payback. Except maybe in tax1 where infact I was!!

In my four years of law school, this is what I have come to realize: You can get a 90 and fail. Which do you think is better? Pulling the QPI up or passing? In law school, it doesn’t make a diff. It’s a "damned if you do, damned if you don’t" scenario. Failing is usually followed by bitter resentment; it’s a natural reaction. Atleast I know I’m still human. Don’t know though if I hate the prof or the subject itself! Now I should master this skill: How not to be consumed with thoughts of hatred and revenge. The universe has a weird sense of humor. You try to do the right thing and you find yourself being kicked in the head. Eventually, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. In my case: My friends pick me up, dust me off, and give me a violent shove into the opposite direction.

I love my inner click. We fight, argue, bicker and whine. Stop talking to each other, ignore each other even hate each other as may be brought upon by the the pressures of law school: cases undigested, codal provisions not memorized, blanking out during a recit or an exam, the toil of dragging a weathered carcass to school a few days just before it lets out. At the end of it all, or on most weekends, you look forward to the ‘gimik night’. Not so much as quenching your thirst for alcohol but the company, the laughs, each other’s failures and triumphs, talks about realities such as life is crass but it goes on, the neat twists toward the end of the evening and into the wee hours of the morning. For me, these are the moments I live for. 


Went to Bismarck’s party last night. Funny thing happend on our way there. Lai and I were in the type z and we started taking photos. Yeah we just love having our photo taken!!

We were tailing May and we were having a blast striking poses when we realized that we were already in the motel ‘hood of sta. mesa. Ofcourse we were shocked that May would take the route when we should have gone straight along araneta to get to san juan. We started laughing that May was driving in a surprisingly slow phase, as if checking the room rates but it didn’t really matter. We had a good laugh about it and we even took note of the rates and poked fun at the promos and taglines before us. Then a stark realization!! The plate of the car that May had that evening was WLD and the car we were tailing had an X**!!! Same make, color, and model!! Whahaha!! The X-car people were probaly freaked out that someone was tailing then on their tryst. Hehehe. Especially since I kept a mean tab on them.

Went home drunk from the drinks the birthday boy kept on passing around: Black label, tequila, vodka, and green-tea(?!) vodka. COCKTAIL!!

TTFN!! =) 



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