Is this for real?!

Ok! I know I’m supposed to be in school right now but the lazy-ass that I am, I’m still at home burning daylight logged on to the net. I happened upon this in my friendster popular searches and I wondered if it might be true. Posted the URL din.

I can be sure that for the girls, it’s kinda true. The last time I checked, I am a girl which makes me an authority on the subject of how I would show I guy that I like him; dunno about the guys though which is why I’m posting this entry.

I’m guilty of #1 through to #8 of the list. I flirt with every guy I see so i can’t count myself in for #9 and #10 is definitely not my style.

Hope you guys enjoy it, get a good laugh out of it, rebut it, whatever.. Feel free to post your comments.

Peace out. Imma get my lazy butt to school before Villanueva-Castro gets my sorry ass in class tonight. Hope she forgets about kicking me out of her class when I was still in Beda. LOLS!!   



1. The guy will try to make you laugh.
2. He’ll flirt with you when he can.
3. He might try to show off around you.
4. He’ll help you out, if you ask for it.
5. He’ll stick up for you when you need it most.
6. He’ll be friendly to you and all your friends.
7. He might call you for no good reason.
8. He might make fun of you, in a joking way.
9. He’ll tell you that you did good, even if you did horrible.
10. He’ll make eye contact with a happy grin on his face.


1. The girl will laugh at all your jokes.
2. She’ll stare at you with a smile on her face.
3. She’ll ask you who you like, continuously.
4. She might try to make you jealous.
5. She’ll beg that you do everything for her.
6. She might start talking to your friends.
7. She’ll talk to you about the different varieties of guys.
8. She’ll always seem to be talking about how nice you are.
9. She’ll always be flirting with every other guy except you.
10. She’ll always ask what to do in a bad situation.


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