Living in a Fool’s Paradise

Went on a drinking binge last night. Dammit.. it hurts me to adDsc00349mit this, and it probably hurts jay and jr too, but we are certifiably ‘outcasts‘. It’s bad enough that we’re shunned by the FEU peeps, now we have to contend being shunned by the 1L peeps too. *sniff sniff sob sob*. The evning wasn’t such a disaster, Ian was there!! I love my life… everyday is a gift!! well, we proved something, and that is, the three of us would stick with each other through thick and thin. Nothing could be more solid! Much love bros. *smoochies*Dsc00350

It’s not us, it’s them (or you reader!!). We set the bar too high; or so we would like to believe, at a futile attempt to console ourselves. Tsktsk. Got soooo lonely last night drinking at the bar so we decided to continue it in my place. What a bunch of losers. They even asked me to cook and I had to drink beer. This is not pity talk. I’m glad jay took over or I would have burnt our house down!! Well, i can tell that I am the prettiest who attended the party (??) last night. I’m not shitting you!! I have photos to prove it.Dsc00347_2 

Anyhow, got gripes and imma let ’em pour.

I hate how my relationships are always complicated. I don’t consider myself a cold, calculating heartbreaker but I reckon what I’m getting right now is some form of karmic payback. I always fall (??) for the wrong guys and am always making a fool of myself. Yeah, I’m doing it for all you kids out in the stands who can’t  afford the circus!!

I thought i had my whole system worked out. Play the field, date around (but don’t be slutty), screen the guys, and never go out with someone you don’t personally know. Apparently, there is a flaw in my system. I am yet to getting the bug fixed.

Its helluva tough being a girl. It’s hard having to fend guys you don’t like off; and reeling in the guys you do like. Fighting fiercely to have dominion around me when all the while knowing I won’t win. Great!! Annoi’s condition is contagious!! I swear the universe is just waiting for me to keel over!! Gotta find someone who fits the somewhat elusive and jaded abbey-pallate.

Gimme a minute.. I’m asking God to kill me now.

I’ll never sleep again if this ‘relationship‘ gets mucked up. But then again I’ll have to bite my tongue on that. It is doomed from the start and yet again I am living in a fool’s paradise.

CHIKKA MINUTE>> Sino ang babaeng itech na nag confess na crush nya ang longtime-sworn enemy nya nung nalasing xa?? I honestly thought the acoustics must be faulty in balcony8 when she told me about it!! Too bad the guy has his eye on my proposed class geek!! *hoot* Law school’s messed eveyone up.



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