*bright spark*

A post for Annoi.

You never cease to amaze me. I know I should be busting my ass today studying for nego, evidence and spec pro but you pulled a real shocker last night.

I don’t know if you’re just yanking everyone’s chain or if you’re really dead serious that you have the hots for Paler but it’s shaking everyone up! Thanks for clogging my inbox last night with wylie-texts *sarcasm — just in case you don’t detect it*. It’s cool that you’ve found an object for your misguided (??) affection and I’m flattered that you’ve decided to tread my path *hooooot* but Paler?? He looks like he just got off the bus from cow-town!! On the other hand, he’s a far cry from all the other losers you dated. He’s smarter than any of them put together, that’s for sure, and the raised eyebrow whenever the one on deck gives him a bullshit answer is kinda cute. Fuck it! I’m the wrong person to be saying this to you. For the nth time, I didn’t do anything to make atty. * fall for me. Just acted like my own ditzy self. Maybe you should try that! Can you hold out until the sem ends? Coz I’m sure the IL has rules about student-teacher dating. Trust me, I know. Or maybe tee could befriend him. Babe, whaddya say? *winkwink*

Caveat: Dating a lawyer is not that cool. If law school is a jealous mistress, the profession is even more. [I’m not admitting to anything ha. This is not an admission — yet.] Lawyers are twisted people Annoi and law professors are masters of the mind game. They can manipulate you and use your words against you – specially if they’re in litigation. You don’t know how many times I’ve felt a date to be a class recit and on a bad day, it’s like I’m on the witness stand! Aces of the trade if you may call it so. I hope you get one who’s more than just a pulse.

Don’t mind me though. I’m just a student. What do I know?         

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Paler doesn’t have friendster lest he sees this post and fails me.   



Laugh-A-Lympics >> Since I wasn’t able to log in for so long and so much has happened. I’d like to post it for posterity’s sake. Material for open mic comedy night!!

  • Annoi and I got caught smoking in the ladies room by some prof who got left off by the last trip. Loosely translated — spinster lawyer. I have it on good authority that she is an old maid. I asked around coz she really got on my bad side. She turned the whole thing into a bitchfest. Nagsumbong pa kay Mario and Fernan!! Hehe. Wroooong persons to tell it to lady! Lucky break (?!).
  • Peripheral or Paraphernal?? Paler: Are you sure, Ms. Llanes? *lols*
  • Des-kri-shon? Dis-kreee-shon? Des-kre-shon? Self-correcting si Annoi!!
  • People vs Monjardin.
  • Ka-partner ng martilyo? Pako of course!!
  • X-squared-plus-x-squared?
  • Kilala mo ba si Yoko Ono?
  • Wylie and Annoi. Showing Every Friday sa Spec Pro. 500-700pm.
  • "Nilagang Patis"
  • Abangan: Ang Pagbubukas ng Tindahan!!         

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