Phantasmagoric Present

I hate hearing love songs on the radio. It’s sappy and
sickening. I hate it for he same reason that Ne-yo does. It’s a reminder of how
painful loving someone is. Well, not all songs. Just the overly romantic ones.
Ones that promise of perpetual love and faithfulness. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN IN

I hate being in love. Was
chatting to a friend of mine about that yesterday. After being dissed and
dismissed for the nth time, she still has spunk left in her to believe (with
all passion) in true love and that someday, it’ll come to her! I commend her. Ang
lakas ng fighting spirit eh!
Anyhow, we were talking about how almost
everything is about love. She said the movie MI3 was a love story after all. I
told her even the goriest horror flicks are love stories – Dracula trying to
win Mina over and Frankenstein in search of Mrs. Frankenstein.

I have an aversion for true love.
True love lang.. I’m not anti love. I am in love right now and I hate
it. I hate how you can still be with someone but still feel lonely. I thought I
have found it, but then lost it – TWICE!! Oh ha!! The second time I
found it, I thought I was I was lucky to have found it. Tough luck for me, I
was the only one who thought it was true love. Haha. The guy and I are till
together though (even after finding out that he only conditionally loves me). *hoot*
It couldn’t be harder to us to be together than it is for us to be apart. Besides,
a guy like him doesn’t come often. He’s a far cry from the last guy I dated who muttered to himself, constantly
scribbles on loose case digest pages and screams “THE PEARL!” *rolf*

I hate the Disney Company for screwing me up. I’m irreparably
damaged because of their cartoons. All their classics revolve around two main
themes. It’s either about getting the guy or saving the girl and living happily
ever after; leaving out all the sordid details and pitfalls of falling in love.
Except of course Bambi and Dumbo. On second thought, watching Bambi may have
damaged me for life too. Picture this, a four year old kid, raised by her
grandmother, watching Bambi witness her mother being killed by the hunter. Sad
I’m pretty sure I may attribute my other mental instabilities to that
particular scene. As for Dumbo, who gives a fart about a flying elephant? Kisha,
my niece doesn’t know who Dumbo is. I bet yours doesn’t either.

Going back. Don’t you just hate it
when you hear “that” song? That ridiculous song you could name in two notes and
would remind you of: (1) the one who got away, (2) awaken the long-dormant
emotions you took forever to get rid of (or so you thought); (3) the promise of
the marriage that would condemn you to a normal (??) life; and (4) how
particularly tragic it was to find out that it was a farce!

Welcome back to the
real world!!! 

No matter how beautifully the
song was penned, or how it has the knack for jerking your tears when you
thought you we’re all cried out, no matter how fabulously or life changing the
repulsive song may be, It’s Just a Song and you can’t just turn off the radio.
Don’t let it get you down. Hate it but don’t let it drag to you the doldrums.

Gotta go. Gotta practice what I


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