a letter to the guy who calls me “his messy beautiful twisted sunshine”

Thank you for staying up late
last night with me; listening to my whines and gripes. It’s been a tough year
for me and you’ve been nothing but super nice. I couldn’t tell these things to
you so I’m hoping that you might get to read this. 

All this time that we’ve been
good friends, I’ve more often than not, taken your attention for me for
granted. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I told you your
affections are mis-guided. I love you, you know that. It’s just that not in the
way you would want me to. You’ve always had my back and I have yours. That’s
how it’s always been. Can’t we just leave it at that?

Last night when you told me about how you felt, I was kind
of expecting it. It was nice having to hear you say you love me. Not in the
slanted-buddy-kind of way that you used to when we’d kid around. And it was
flattering to know that you felt so deeply for me. Kinda funny too how you
remembered most of the things I’ve told you over the years and used them
against me. You were so adorably cute.

You are the closest guy to my heart right now. It hurts me
to see that you’re just waiting in the wings for me. You should be dating girls
I could diss not waiting around for when I break up with a guy and go for the

You’ve told me a million times how frustrating it is for
you to be with me knowing that you’ll never have me and yet you can’t stay
away, I think that’s sweet.

When you tell me that you like what I’m wearing and that I
look beautiful on a particular day — that’s hot.

But when you tell me pleadingly, and you give me that
puppy dog look not to tell anyone that I have the hots for you and that I’m
just dying to marry you and have your kids — that’s just sick!


Maybe I’ll feel for you the way
you the way you want me to. But for now, let’s not sweat the small stuff. This
too shall pass and our time will come. 

ps>> Stop calling me a
hooters girl!!


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