Douse me with cold water, please.

“The perfect man is gentle. Never
cruel or mean. He has a beautiful smile and keeps his face clean. The prefect
man likes children and will raise them by my side. He will be a good father and
husband and he will provide. The perfect man loves to cook and he’ll do
anything in his power to convey his love for me. The perfect man is sweet. Writing
poetry from my name. He’s a best friend to my mommy and kisses away my pain. He’ll
never make me cry or batter me in any way. Umm.. To hell with this endless
poem. The Perfect Man is GAY.”

How anti-love or rather
anti-true-love!! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the perfect guy doesn’t

To Annoi who still believes in tru love, inspite and despite of, I’ll find you a dude before your heart atrophies, and if you don’t like him like the other guys I’ve set you up with, you can pass him on to a needy friend. Like Hali? *lols*

It’s friggin three in the morning and I can’t sleep. I’ve decided to quit smoking. I’ve been going cold turkey for two days now and I don’t know how much longer I’d be able to hang on. Smoking a cig is really satisfying — like eating creme brulee. My synapses are grappling with an incapacitating case of The Block. OMG, it’s awful, like constipation for the brain.

Must stop this now. I obviously shouldn’t be taking on too much. I haven’t recovered yet from that whacked monday I spent with Lai and May.

I think the author of this blog is still under repair.


Cheerio! =)


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