Unwarped. For a Change.

"I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!"

I woke up this morning relentlessly bummed. Well, I’m going to post something
quirky and light for a change.

Yesterday was a Thursday. And like most, if not all Thursdays this term, I’ll
be having Tax in school from  600-800pm. "Pay up and shut up"
was something Atty. Bandonell said in class yesterday and it caught my
attention. Catchy huh? As an assay, I know not all of you who read my blog
would be able to relate but it has  something to do with the inevitability
attached to taxation, or rather, once you’ve been imposed one. Taxes are after
all what we pay for a civilized society. There’s really not much you can do,
you just pay up and shut up. You can avail of the remedies afforded you by the
law but you can only do that after payment in protest. So you still pay and by
the time you get your day in court, you’ve decided to just shut up because
being the smart person that you are, your case would be tied up for years in
court and you’d be blowing money off in representation when you could have
saved that up and planned a Euro trip.

Anyhow, "pay up and shut" is also applicable to
kids. I don’t have kids myself but I am my parents’ kid and I know for a fact
that there are some things that parents just can’t do anything about but to pay
up and then shut up bout it.

I have nephews and nieces and I know I spoil them any chance I get. Though I
have to say, I am partial to the girls. I spoil them rotten. I buy them kikay
stuff whenever I can and apply make-up and do their hair when they feel like cooperating.
Other than gaining weight as I type right now, I am watching Oprah on Star
World. She’s got adorable and witty kids on her show and it’s really cute. Kids
are the most amazing beings. They can say the dumbest things and it would sound
smart. They can screw up spectacularly and survive unscathed. On top of that,
they can mess up without ever having to claim responsibility. But you know that’s
just a generalization. There are a few who slip though the net holes. Hey, if
the kid is Billy Madison-dumb, then he’s just plain dumb.

Most of the kids I know right now are smart beyond their
years. Must be the formula being fed to them; a cocktail of space age chemicals
I can’t even pronounce much yet remember. My nephews and nieces are
wise-crackers and jokers. On a good day, they are so adorably sweet. I’m not
saying that they’re angels. The girls would grow horns on their heads if it
were possible.

I am especially fond of Kisha. She could very well be the
devil’s spawn when the tantrum kicks in. She flails around like she’s possessed
and throws things around. If you’re lucky, you get to hear her belt out her own
impersonation of Janet Leigh in the original “Psycho”. She is my cousin’s
daughter and I love her like crazy. If you’ve ever got the chance to take a
glance into my profile, she has a video in there somewhere in the testimonials
busting a groove. Finally, someone in the family who’s even more severely
whacked than I am!

I read once that that
in life, you have to have a well-developed sense of irony and a fine appreciation
of the absurd to get by without being clinically declared insane. The kiddies have
finely tweaked me to that and more.

Kisha, Marla, Migs and
Ten, we’re stuck for life, if not for the next lives.

Thanks for making my Sundays
extra special.


*Totally Psyched Doing
This. I know; I’m weird; to the extent that I am now creating my own acronyms
in the hope that it would catch on.

To lai, vange, mia, annoi,
dianne, jeanie, my blog-fan vren, and to everyone who reads my blog, thank you so much. And
thank you for the comments.

A shout out to Avel
pala. I told him last night in class that I’d be posting today. Kaya natin to
seatmate!! *LOLS*


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