karma’s bitch

I need spiritual enlightenment!! Until that smacks me in
the face, I’ll be accelerating death by smoking as many cigarettes as I can in
a day, down deadly but oh-so-yummy Chicken Joy saturated in “the most unhealthy
fat” (I’m assuming you guys received the text message going around about
Jollibee’s Chicken Joy), and getting zonked almost every night. Sure beats
crying myself to sleep.

You won’t believe what an
extremely unlucky week it was for me. Or is it lucky seeing as how I am not
dead yet? Karmic payback?

*Sigh*. I know I shouldn’t be complaining. A lot of people
would be thrilled to be in my shoes.

Some fascinating things I learned today:

1. Smoking doesn’t exactly kill you. It impairs your immune
system making you susceptible to disease. That disease eventually kills you.
Lung cancer is not caused by smoking. I’ve known 2 people (personally) and read
about another handful who have succumbed to lung CA who don’t even smoke. In
which case, Smoking didn’t kill them. Lung cancer did. Tama ba or ako yung
may tama?
Either way, one of them has to be correct; or lack of sleep is
making me stupid again. Btw, it’s 5 am and I can’t get some shut eye because of
that darned Sukob movie. Shit scared. Hehehe.

2. If you’re planning on dating someone from Balut, Tondo, (I am
desperately hoping that I spelled that correctly lest residents get mad and
stab me from behind) you better be covered by insurance.

 3. The general rule is: hindi totoo ang true love. The
exception is: If you’re one of a lucky handful to have it land on your lap.

4. Even if T and I fight constantly, breaking up and getting back
together and then breaking up again, I know I wouldn’t want to be with anyone
else but him. All I know is that he was like a breath of fresh air. Like I was
drowning and he saved me.

5. People go for the most reward with the least amount of effort.
It’s one of the laws of nature. Having that in mind, gorgeous people don’t
whimsically attend law school unless they have major insecurity issues. I now
know why I am in law school.

6. People rarely say “enough”. I don’t say enough because there’s
always a possibility for more; more tequila; more cake; more hurt (how
twisted); more, more, more. More is better. There’s no enough until the plug is

It’s not me. It’s not us, girls. It’s not even karma at
work. If your love life is screwed up and you’ve stopped believing in true
love, it’s not you. It’s them and their stupid boy-penises. 


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