Yesterday kicked off what would be the most grueling four Sundays a law student would ever have to deal with –
the bar exams. If you are fated to be taking the exams, it is the valediction
of four years of reading voluminous texts, demoralizing recitations, and unnerving
tests. However, if you are in the service of ex-school mates who will be taking
them, then for you, it means sacrificing four Saturdays and Sundays working for
the bar operations. You could be in it for your own self-serving means (i.e.:
you need the extra credit) or purely out of the goodness of your heart. Which
ever way, you know you’re doing a good thing.

I love the bar month. Sure, it’s a dog-tiring kind of month but I’m not
complaining. I am still searching for academic truth. Loosely translated: I am
flunking school.  What I lack for in school spirit  and academic excellence during the year, I
make up for during the bar operations. The only thing I hate about it is when
people are so bored at the bar sites they start gossiping about other people,
ex-classmates or batchmates they happen upon crowded Taft Avenue.  

Well, we were so bored, that was exactly what we did. *haha* I don’t
feel guilty at all. I’m sure they gossip about me all the time too. I know for
a fact that there is someone I frequently hang out in school with who’s been
tattling fallacious statements about me. I’ll deal with you when I feel that
you are worthy of the time I’m going to waste over you.

I’ve been told once that I am a walking controversy; from the stunts and
schemes I pull to get a free cut for our class to the people with whom I am
associated with or the odious comments I eventually get wind of. I am not
popular. I am not the school’s “Paris Freaking Hilton”. I am not “the girl you’d
want to take home to your momma”. I couldn’t care less. I
am easily bored and this  is boring me. I guess that lends substance to the
saying that only boring people are bored *thanks madz hehe*.

Imma sign off now and catch some shut eye.



2 thoughts on “Insouciant-me

  1. to think we could have bumped into each other last sunday and ended gossiping about each other and our former colleagues and the other characters in this “increasingly small” world of ours called law school. haha.

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