First things first: The Tax Law Bar exam held last Sunday was the first time ever that had been extended for a full hour. Or so I’ve heard. Rumour also has it that the exam made a guy barrister sob; and there’s this one story of a guy from a reputable law school who hysterically broke down in the exam room after reading the first two questions.

But of course, nothing would beat the one about the guy who drank a bottle of black ink after mistaking it for water; and about that guy who definitely had a meltdown and ate his questionnaire up a few years back.

Fact or fiction. Truth or myth. It is yet to be debunked.



Addendum to the now infamous IL Doctrines. There is now a third one.


The Doctrine of Uncontrollable Smile

       This doctrine is probably the most tell-tale of all. The "crush-er" can’t help but smile whenever the "crush-ee" appears or even when his/her name is mentioned. It is usually coupled with a light yet noticeable flush to the cheeks, or the ears, in some people, and a goofy starstruck look. In the case of one girl I personally know, she gets all giddy, tells her peers about it, then posts a blog about the "chance encounter".



Got a comment asking me what true love is. This is not an attempt to answer something I have absolutely (read: ab-SOY-loot-lee.. haha.. classamtes na nakaka relate, LAFFTRIP! GOIN BUYIYIT!!) no idea about.

I can’t answer the question. It is not something you figure out an equation for and you get a definite answer. It is like the debate  between the paradox of the chicken and the egg; or man’s search for the meaning of life. It’s not about wisdom or enlightenment.  I think it has more to do with faith. I am not going to try to answer something that even the greatest philosophers couldn’t ping at.

A friend of mine explains true love as love that is true. As in, the person giving the love is truly in love.

This is what true love is for me: It is like all your life you walk around like a zombie; you’re just empty, cavernous, degenerative; and then you find THE one, and you’re not empty anymore.

I got that from a movie I can’t remember the title of.

Gotta go now.


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