fins & wings

One day, a bird fell in love with a fish. What happens next? Where would
they live? Who gets the wings and who looses the fins?


This is their love story.


A bird and a fish couldn’t be more different so it’s a wonder that their
paths would even cross. But it did, and as the seasons changed from one to
another, they grew close.


As already been told, the two fell in love. The bird thought that it was
written in the stars. The fish thought it wasn’t. The fish was cynical when it came to love.
She had kissed a frog where she lived and as natural it is for frogs, that
particular frog leaped from lily pad to lily pad, and eventually from pond to
pond, perhaps to kiss other frogs or maybe other fish. Nonetheless, this left
our fish badly hurt and severely jaded. Although she knew that a bird was
definitely not a frog, it also wasn’t a fish. A bird couldn’t live under the
water nor could she live above it.


The fish couldn’t help but fall for the bird.  And sure enough, he broke her heart. In fact,
he had broken her several times.


So in love were they that they made up their mind to elope. But they couldn’t
decide where to. The bird wanted to go to the US and the fish wanted to go home. Both
knew the peculiarity of their relationship and are aware that the other would
never be accepted by their respective families. Despite this fact, they made
grand plans of being together and have even set a date.


Their differences eventually manifested and they argued and fought. They
fought about petty and trifling things but mostly where they would settle down.
They fought until neither could take it anymore.



The date is yet to come. The bird and the fish have broken up. Love does
not conquer all.


3 thoughts on “fins & wings

  1. this ‘one day a bird fell in love with a fish’ was taken, i think, from the movie ever after.

    drew (cindrlla) was being urged by the great leonardo d vinci to go to the ball. she had to, coz the prince was going to announce that night who he was going to marry. she had to be there, otherwise, the prince would have to choose among the other ladies of the land.

    anyway, she asked leonardo that question: but if a bird fell in love with a fish, where would they live?

    of course, the great leonardo replied: then i shall make you wings.

    the ending of the story was of course, how fairy tales are told: happily ever after.
    it can be that, in real life. love can give us wings to fly. (cheesy line)

    but if our endings are not like that, i want to share to you my revision of the poem. it’s still kinda sad though.

    “if a bird fell in love with a fish, where would they live?

    the bird can’t swim
    and the fish can’t fly.

    so i guess they be just that:
    a bird and a fish who fell in love with each other..”

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