cataract \KAT-uh-rakt\, noun: A clouding or opacity of the lens or capsule of the eye, which obstructs the passage of light.

People in love are so blinded; or is it just because they refuse to see? I know that falling in love certainly would hurt, then why do I keep on subjecting myself to the pain over and over again?

The pain doesn’t change, only the face and the name of the person inflicting it does. The best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten: Restrain yourself from falling in love. You didn’t have a boyfriend before. You’ll do fine right now. There are plenty of guys out there for you. And one particular person meant for you, and who’ll be yours. You’ll know it’s him because everything will fall into place.   

How do you pick yourself up and mend your broken heart when it’s been broken into a million other pieces you can’t know which part to piece first? How do you erase a year of memories with someone, or how could you when you’ve built your hopes and dreams with that person?

A philosopher once said, "baby steps. One step at a time."


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