In Re: Llanes [923 SCRA 451. GR No. L-20060923]

If I could only do cartwheels, I would. My head’s been up in the clouds since Saturday and almost everyone in the IL knows why. I must have shown everyone I know, and a few freshies I don’t, THE photo.

There’s something about crushing on an ex prof. Especially if that ex prof happens to have topped the bar. This guy knows how it is to feel to be number one. Sure he looks geeky, but so what, I can be geeky too if I want to. It’s just that I choose not to. It’s not love. It can’t be, because I only like him when I see him. It’s borderline crush-pseudo love. The operative word being "pseudo".

What I have with him gives me that extra spring when I’m walking in the IL corridors. A buzz to my otherwise boring existence and that kick (kilig factor perhaps) that is lacking in my life. In a way he inspires me. For sure, I always look forward to my Saturday classes in the hope of bumping into him and making small talk.

You’d think I’d be my usual cool, calm, and collected self when I "run" into him. I’m  the exact opposite. Short circuited synapses result to babbling, flushed cheeks, weak knees, and an uncontrollable urge to kick myself for acting like a total spaz after the encounter.

He’s not tall, not dark, not handsome to most. The fact that I have a thing for him rebuts all presumptions that I have a thing for cute guys and establishes that I gravitate to smart minds. I’m not as shallow pala as  others thought.

Anyhow, shallow or not, In Re: Llanes [923 SCRA 451. GR No. L-20060923] lends substance to the Doctrine of Uncontrollable Smile and the Doctrine of a Deliciously Romantic Evening. All requisites taken into consideration. The occurrence being somewhat delicious, possibly romantic (depending on how you look at it), and it was definitely still evening.

This supersedes the earlier case of Monteza vs. Capco (citation unknown).

Post Script:
No offense meant to the girl who doesn’t love the rain but adamantly still believes in true love. Btw, I’m still searching. I don’t think t’s THE one. I dunno. Let’s devote a lengthy phone conversation for that when school lets out.

To those who can’t relate, please see my previous posts regarding the "doctrines".


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