Posted my graduation photo today. It’s funny how time flies.  Didn’t really think I’d get this far.

When I was in high school, I wasn’t the most popular girl in class. I wasn’t popular at all. I dressed weird and I acted funny. I wasn’t the smartest. Most of the kids in the high school I went to were mean, jealous, vindictive, and scheming. Typical Pinoys who, as soon as they were able to earn a little money, abused bragging rights, and preyed on the weak. People who didn’t have anything better to do than gossip and back stab. God, I hated high school. Except for a few handful, the rest were so fake.

Wonder who’s laughing now, eh bambz? *wink*


Just got back from


where I spent a couple of days on the beach. It wasn’t very relaxing but it was a good break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Even if I didn’t want to admit it, it was a welcome change.

I’ve never seen the ocean as azure and as calm as that in


. The beaches are pristine. The place, however, was absolutely teeming with mosquitoes. I thought I’d have malaria or some other insect-borne disease when I got back.


I have officially quit smoking. I haven’t lighted up for a week now. What made me stop? The guy I sort-of-like told me I smelled nice (actually, I think he was referring to my shampoo), but same shit, I still smelled good.


I have had a rude awakening during the time I was away. I realized that guys naturally cheat on girls. That no matter who I get married to, that guy would eventually cheat on me too. Even if he says he doesn’t, he won’t or he ever will not. Especially if the guy is currently cheating with you (that is, he’s cheating on someone WITH you; e.g.: the legit GF); that only means he’ll cheat on you too if you did get together.

Another thing I’ve realized is why I haven’t reigned in a guy yet. It’s because I don’t really work on the relationship. I lose interest as soon as the guy shows his lack of interest in the relationship. I don’t know why, but I seem to think that there are a ton of guys just waiting for me to keel over and date me in a heart beat. Funny huh? I actually know just one person who would.

Superiority complex or not, I am yet to find the guy who I know would fight to keep me. That would be so cool. The stuff that archaic love stories are made of. Yes, deep inside, and after you’ve rummaged through the angst and skepticism, I am a hopeless romantic.


Sorry if this post seems weird. I feel weird right now, so uninspired to write. I hope I get a blog-worthy revelation to write about soon. I think my brain has atrophied over the break. This probably explains why this post is a mishmash of whatever runs through my mind as I type; a no-brainer kind of thing.

P.S. >> What a fitting title. *snigger*


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