"Do I have to sleep with roses in my hands to show you how much I love you?"
                                                                                                           — John Mayer


Nice lyrics. Too bad it doesn’t
make sense. It’s a good thing he has poetic license. I’m amazed he used the
word "show" instead of "prove".


Proving yourself or proving
something is such a guy thing. Women don’t have that kind of insecurity because
we know that in the end, we will be proven right.


But then again, the female of the
species is, without a doubt, odd.


We constantly ask (or is it annoy?) our guy to the point of beleaguering,
to say or show us how much they love us. I don’t know why we even bother. We
know it’s not true anyway. We are so venal. We let our psyche be swayed by
sweet words and gestures.


Do not misconstrue me. I don’t
hate men, I’m just trying to vent my aggravation. I know the difficulty of
playing the classic hero, until he finds someone else, that is.


Anyhow, held a survey just now
about the topic. Below are some nifty responses about how a guy could show how
much he loves a girl.


· Flowers,
no doubt. (Philip Cabugao) *I was just saying..*

· By doing
everything and anything just to make her happy. (Paula Domingo)

· Stay.
Despite the pain. Stay. Despite Feeling alone. (Christian Natividad)

· Ends up
doing what he hates most it pleases her. (Corin Nefalar)

· Goes out
of his way just to be with the girl. (Art Genota)

· When a
man can be [sic] beside a girl without thinking of screwing her and can spend
the whole night just listening to her. (Jen Villalobos)

· By
taking a leap of faith. Going beyond his comfort zone just so he can express
his love. (Dianne Feeney)

· Could be
anything. Knowing how to lift the girl’s spirit when one feels really down.
(Tina Buendia)

· If he
rushes for his cellphone when it beeps even if he is in the CR just o see if
it’s his girl who’s calling or texting. (Minong Arzadon)

· By being
faithful to the girl. (Amber Zulueta)

· Sacrifice
sa time nya, patience at passion. (Jen "Muymuy" Perez)

So, how does a guy show me that he
loves me? I have no idea.

**Hit me with your comments if you feel like adding your own to the list. Have a good one! =)



One thought on “hoodwinked

  1. Man truly loves his woman if he feels dying when the latter does not show her affection with the former. You can really live without someone you truly love, but you could harly feel complete happines in your heart.(“,)

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