Cheated. Cheated on. Cheated With.

Everybody cheats. Don’t pretend to be a self-righteous priss. I’m sure that at some point in your life, you have cheated. Cheating is not confined to that done during exams. It may mean that you have deceived someone, or that you’ve broken the rules to gain an advantage, or that you have been unfaithful to someone. Some cheat in bigger ways than others. My point is, everyone is a cheat.

I think that of all the cheats I’ve mentioned above, I find unfaithfulness to be most abhorrent. I have guy pals who incessantly cheat on their girls, and I have gal pals who have done or are doing the same to their guys.

I’ve been told that people cheat because they found someone else they like better than the person they are with right now. I think that’s lame. I also think that the guy who said that is sick in the head. If that’s the case, why not dump one for the other instead? Or would that also qualify as cheating?

I’ve heard two contrary opinions on a span of 24 hours regarding the topic from two guys. Incidentally, magkasunod yung birthday nila.

Guy one says that it’s not cheating if you really like the person you are cheating with.

Guy two says that it’s not cheating if there are no feelings involved.

Both guys are authorities on cheating though I can’t say that they’ve been very successful. They’ve already been caught, dissed and dismissed, and are currently trying to find the path to true love.

So which is it??

I’ve cheated, been cheated on, and cheated with. I don’t wan’t to do it again. Guess that’s why I’m neurotic enough to be posting this on my blog.


One thought on “Cheated. Cheated on. Cheated With.

  1. Cheating may be the easiest way out of something you’ve been wanting to break away from. It’s not something anyone should be proud of, but if the scene is already whack enough, you should know when to stop. Don’t punish yourself because you’re guilty for having cheated. Our mistakes have their purpose.

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