the sweetest guy ever

     Sadly, the sweetest guy I know isn’t my boyfriend. He’s just a friend, not even a very good friend. So why is he the sweetest guy I know? On February 15th, he surprised me at home at about 7 am. He bugged me like crazy to go with him for a jog, which I did, but only because I owed him big time for helping me out with a tax assignment I had trouble with, and because he looked liked he needed to lose a few pounds. So there we were in posh Rockwell, in our dri-fits which were so "dri" anymore, when he asked me if I’ve eve been on a picnic in the metro. My answer of course, was in the negtive. We took a hike back to his car and he got a picnic basket out; oh, and a checked blanket too.

     For a while there I thought he was only kidding that he really had a picnic packed. But it wasn’t  joke. I asked him if he was going to set it up in the parking lot and was really glad when he said no. He said he knows spot where we can have a picnic. He says he’s seen people have picnics there during lunch when he was still attending Ateneo law.

      There must be a small picnic grove somewhere. I’m sure he knows the area like the back of his hand because: (1) he has lived in Makati all his life; and (2) he never missed a day of school in his four years in Rockwell. Worst case scenario would be that we would eat the yummy sandwiches his mom made sitting on the pavement. I was sooo wrong.

     Well, it was kind of a grove. Ok, more like a tuft of grass. Another joke? That’s what I thought until he laid the plaid picnic blanket and unloaded the food from the basket. It’s a short walk from the back of the mall, in between the road you cross to get to Santi’s Deli. It was so weird that we were having a picnic there, in our sweats, and he didn’t care. People in business suits drove and walked past us and he didn’t give squat. It felt twilight zonish weird. Having people pass us by while we were having picnic on a tuft of grass. Weird and yet really sweet.

I’m hoping my boyfriend doesn’t get wind of this. You see, my boyfriend is not of the sweet species, he’s not really romantic too. Just poker faced, and serious, bt i love him like crazy. Once in a while, I’m guessing during a full moon, when the all the planets are aligned, and the cosmos is considered to be in chaos, he does something totally out of character that sweeps me off my feet, and makes me fall in love with him all over again.

     Babe, if you ever get to read this post, don’t get jealous, aight? You know you’re my main man and I love you like crazy. The guy, he’s not even a close friend, and we don’t even like each other in that way. I just thought that what he did was sweet and post-worthy. He just wanted to take my mind off the things which are bugging me right now.


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